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Hiring Duds? Hiring Approaches to Consider for a Small Business

ByTommy Wyher, Last Modified
Jun 16, 2016
> Human Resources

When running a small business it is important to have an exact hiring approach as each individual employee has a greater impact on the business than they would at a larger corporation.

Different approaches can be used for different departments. A free spirit might not do well in a serious finance department, however, that same person would be perfect for a more creative position.

Letting HR managers know about these requirements can allow you to pick the best candidates possible.

Make sure that you have a few rounds of interviews with different people so the hiring staff can all give their impression of the potential hire.

The following are some hiring approaches that you can take at your small business.

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Hire for Energy Level

There are just some jobs that require copious amounts of energy throughout the day. Sales is a perfect example. No salesperson knows when they could land a deal of a lifetime. For this reason, the salespeople at the office have to be high energy and have a positive attitude. Adding an employee who is low energy and doesn’t consider sales to be a team atmosphere can have a huge negative impact on the sales team’s morale.

How to hire for energy level:  

  • Have the potential hire take an extensive personality test to see if they would blend in well with your team.
  • Give the interviewee a tough task to see how they approach it. If they get frustrated after just a few tries, sales probably isn’t for them. Sales is a game of how to come back after being rejected time after time.
  • Ask them about a time that there was conflict at a previous job and how they dealt with it. This will show if they take accountability or just try to place the entire blame on the other party. These types of employees sometimes throw other team members under the bus to look better.

Hire for Value

The fact is many businesses cannot pay a premium salary to every person in every department. Hiring for value allows you get a great employee at a low salary due to lack of experience in the industry. These jobs don’t always have to be entry level. Someone who has web design skills or a degree has the education to dive into the industry with little to no learning curve.

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How to hire for value:  

  • College internship programs are a great way to evaluate talent while having free or low wage labor. Hires can be made from these programs because many college students dream of getting a job right out of college and are likely to accept a lower salary.
  • Look outside of the industry for certain positions like that of marketers or salespeople. Marketing and sales professionals are generally quite malleable and successful once they have learned a new industry.
  • Look into someone who has worked in a team environment and has been successful. College athletes and those involved with college organizations should go to the top of the pile when interviewing.

Other Options to Consider When Hiring

There are actually options that are environmentally friendly when it comes to hiring. Some companies have cut the travel time of interviewees by 75 percent by limiting travel by conducting virtual interviews. The hobbies of a person are also important as they can enhance job knowledge as a whole. Someone who has never surfed in their life wouldn’t be an ideal hire for a surf shop. Some information requires hands-on knowledge.

How to consider other options when hiring:  

  • See if any hobbies or beliefs pertain to your business. A small business that deals with spiritual health and aromatherapy might benefit from someone who knows astrology or zodiac sign meanings. This can help when dealing with customers as it can add another selling point to the customers.
  • See if you can create a little PR buzz by going environmentally friendly. A final interview can be done in person but the screening interviews can be done online. As all HR professionals know, many in-person interviews can be a waste of time if they are unprepared or unqualified.
  • You will want to see how the team gets along with a potential hire so invite them out to happy hour or dinner. Sometimes a new member of the team can disrupt workflow if they do not get along with the current staff.

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There is no perfect hiring process for any company. It can differ from department to department. Evaluating the great hires you have made in the past might allow you to find higher quality candidates in the future.

Trial and error might be what is needed if you can’t afford a great experienced HR professional. If you as the business owner find yourself making poor hires, it is time to invest in someone with more experience and a better eye for talent. A few great hires can change the entire trajectory of a company’s future.

Tommy Wyher
Tommy Wyher
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Tommy is a writer who enjoys traveling quite frequently. A graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill means that Tommy is an absolute college basketball fanatic.
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