Hiring Heroes: The Advantages of Employing Veterans

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Why the combination of education and practical experiences during their military service gives them an edge in many industries.

The men and women of our armed forces are highly trained professionals who have a lot to offer employers in almost every field.

Gone are the days when military service training was limited to the things that take place on the battlefields.

Chances are good that your business can benefit greatly from the problem solving and leadership skills, among other highly coveted skills, that are so prominent among our military veterans.

Many returning vets go to college and receive an education in fields like medicine, engineering, computer sciences, and countless other industries.

The combination of education and practical experiences during their military service gives them an edge in many industries.

And because a quarter of a million service men and women leave the military and return to civilian life each year, reports Got Your Six, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering veterans as they return home and rejoin their communities, you have ample opportunity to snap up one or more vets for your organization.

Why hire veterans? Most business owners want to do right by the men and women who have served their countries.

Still, they have businesses to run and these decisions can’t be personal. With that in mind, let’s explore the practical reasons for hiring vets.

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Veterans are Adaptable

Serving in the military means they have to be prepared for whatever Mother Nature, or the enemy, throws in their direction.

The must be ready to go where they are called to serve at a moment’s notice. They must be able to follow the dictates of the day, whether it’s waging war, keeping peace, or rescuing civilians around the world.

They have shown a capacity to adapt on the battlefield. And that means they know how to adapt in the workplace when it becomes necessary to do so.

Service Members Pay Attention to Detail

It might not seem like that much, but on the battlefield, it’s everything. That same attention to detail can help your workplace avoid a few disasters of its own, especially when those details involve the safety of your customers and/or your employees.

Veterans Respect Rules

One of the biggest problems for businesses today that leads to liability issues, accidents, and injuries is a lack of respect for the rules.

The soldiers who have served our country know, all too well, how important following those rules can be.

Service Members Have Skills

Whether they served in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force or Coast Guard, the men and women who serve our nation are taught a wide range of skills, both technical and and non-technical (soft).

From automotive and aircraft repair to medic and nursing skills, to computer programming and other relevant computer skills, you’re sure to find a service member with the technical skills your company needs.

Computer use in the military serves a vital purpose, including purchasing supplies, ensuring secrecy, maintaining communication, carrying out simulations, and implementing tests during combat and peace times.

For business owners struggling to find employees proficient in the use of computers, returning vets represent a gold mine.

More than these technical skills, members in our armed forces participate in a number of soft skills courses, such as:

  • teambuilding
  • handling work stress
  • training others
  • interpersonal skills
  • perseverance inspiring others

This makes them highly valuable as employees, perhaps even more so than those who have just completed four years in the classroom. There’s a lot to be said for practical experience, especially in combination with all the other skills soldiers are being taught at the same time.

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Veterans Understand the Meaning of Hard Work

It’s something many business owners are struggling with today, the fact that so few employees understand the meaning, or importance, of hard work.

Our military service personnel understand this all too well and are willing to continue to work hard today, tomorrow, and every day forward when you hire them.

Veterans Get Things Done

It’s as simple as that. They take on hills. They stand on walls. The defend people who view them as invaders. They protect those incapable of protecting themselves.

They make things happen, even in the face of incredible adversity. And they can make things happen for your organization.

Returning Service Personnel Work Independently

Military service members are accustomed to receiving orders and carrying out their duties. In other words, they respect and embrace leadership.

They don’t need a drill sergeant running behind them repeating those orders. This means you can relax once you’ve explained your needs and trust that your vet will get the job done.

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Military Personnel Are Resourceful

Military service men and women are good at following orders, but also at getting the information, equipment, or other resources they need to accomplish those orders, without you standing over them and urging them on.

Finally, there is the plain and simple fact that hiring returning vets and retired military personnel is just a great way to repay the debt we owe these men and women who protect and defend our country while only asking that they perform their jobs to the best of their abilities.

The truth of the matter is though, that you typically don’t have to ask them to perform to the best of their abilities, they just will.

Of course you always want to include a comprensive pre employment screening  process no matter who the candididate is, and this includes veterans.  

With that being said, hiring a veteran can be part of a great business strategy. 

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