How a Microloan Can Help Your Small Business Grow / Accounting / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

If money grew on trees, small businesses would have it made. Thankfully, the next best thing exists with the help of microlending.

Money: it doesn’t grow on trees, but it does make the world (and your business) go ‘round. Without it, success is a steep, uphill climb. With it, the sky is the limit in terms of what you can accomplish. Thanks to the growing trend of microlending, small businesses can access the funds they need to grow.

In 2011, depository-lending institutions issued 3 million microloans valued at $55.3 billion dollars. With loans averaging $13,000 and maxing out at $50,000, these loans can immediately change how a small business operates.

Loan recipients can hire more employees, invest in marketing and more successfully operate their businesses. Just think: how could thousands of dollars impact your business?

Watch "How a Microloan Can Help Your Small Business" to learn:

  • Insight on the trend of microloans
  • Standard terms of microloans
  • How microlending has helped other businesses
  • And more!

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