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Top 3 Ways Digital Media Services Can Boost Website Traffic

By Lucas Bikowski, Last Modified
Aug 28, 2017
> Marketing

There is a lot that goes into a value-driven and informative website. There is content to write, then the style and graphic design of your website. Now that many websites are easy to manage in-house and coding expertise is no longer mandatory, many businesses are conducting their own online activities rather than outsourcing them to companies specializing in digital media services.

However, what can sometimes get missed when businesses assign their online activities to an in-house team is the added value that digital media services provide. It can be easy to update your content, but what about creating an engaging video? Or what about creating standout content that encourages shares, likes and views?

Modern day digital media activities aim to boost your website's traffic and, in turn, SEO. When you boost your search ranking visibility, more people are able to find your website when searching for your type of service or product.

With so much information now available at our fingertips, it’s important to stand out from the crowd and provide content that is unique and attention-grabbing. Here are three key ways a digital media service can get more people to see your website.

Animated videos

Do you have a new product or service you're launching? Or perhaps you need a video on your home page that provides a snapshot of what you offer.

Many companies do the tried-and-tested video of their company's CEO providing an overview or showcasing happy customers. Although these videos may seem engaging, how many of your competitors are doing this? 

Having an animated overview of what you offer can be a creative and eye-catching way of showing your unique points of difference with competitors. Animation can convey a message in a creative yet simple to understand way. Nowadays, animation can be done in such a way that doesn't look childish.

When done correctly, animated videos can be a great source of online sharing, garnering likes and views on videos on Instagram, Facebook, and other networks, which can help boost traffic to your website and get your brand out there.

Engaging infographics

It’s one thing to have a suite of informative blogs with images, but taking it a step further by incorporating infographics can give it that extra boost that will get it shared online.

Although a picture may say a thousand words, an infographic will give your reader all the key points at a glance. When information is given in bite-sized chunks, this creates content that has great sharing value. The quicker you can give information to your audience, the more engaged they are likely to be.

Display ads

There is also the paid side of digital media activities. Display ads are one of these tactics. A more common strategy is to use pay per click (PPC) or AdWords – display ads. There are different ways ad campaigns can be set up, but one avenue is allocating particular keywords to a display ad. These display ads are then linked back to your website. If an AdWords campaign is set up correctly, when users search using your chosen keywords, your display ad will appear at some point during their online search. Only when users click on your ad will a fee be applied.

Someone who is experienced in display ads will know what keywords to place as well as negative keywords. Negative keywords are those terms you don't want associated with your display ad. For example, your chosen keyword may be "men's fashion," but you don't want people seeing your ad if their search is for "men's fashion jobs."

Building display ads is also part of the process. You should be able to create display ads suited for a range of common ad sizes but that still showcase your call to action while being visually engaging.

Your marketing strategy needs to take into account all of the ways you stand out from your competitors. Traditional marketing strategies, such as generating engaging content, building an easy-to-navigate website and using creative photography, are all still important.

However, when it comes to boosting your website's traffic, utilizing animation and infographics with your website's content and creating targeted, engaging display ads can increase your online presence and publish your content to a bigger audience.

Lucas Bikowski
Lucas Bikowski
See Lucas Bikowski's Profile
Founder and Managing Director of SEO Shark - an Australian digital media agency. Lucas specializes in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), link building, AdWords, social media.
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