How McDonald's Used Video Marketing to Educate Buyers / Marketing Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

B2B Marketers can learn from McDonald's recent video marketing campaign. Read on for tips for successful product demonstration and video...

Salty, crispy and mouthwatering McDonald's Chicken McNuggets have arguably earned themselves an unfortunate reputation as of late for being made with questionable ingredients. To Ronald McDonald's dismay, a picture of a rose-colored poultry paste, aptly coined "pink goop" went viral, cementing consumer fear: that their favorite fast-food snack is a fried paste consisting of mechanically separated  and highly processed chicken parts.

To combat the negative  reaction to the photo, McDonald's Canada produced a video to show the world exactly how their chicken nuggets are made- and to debunk the "pink goop" myth contributing negative attitudes towards their nutritional claims. By walking the viewer through the McDonald's manufacturing facility and showing the step-by-step process the company takes in creating each and every piece of boxed chicken, the fast-food company created a successful product demonstration to educate the general public and extinguish consumer negative beliefs.

How B2B Marketers Use Video to Influence Buyers

Although aimed to tame the worries of fast-food junkies and the general public, this McDonald's product demonstration serves as a good lesson in video marketing. It's no secret that video marketing has become the mode du jour for sparking engagement, communicating with prospective buyers, and generating leads in both the B2C and B2B digital marketing sphere.

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Luckily for B2B marketers, business decision makers are spending more time watching video in their search for products and services to grow their business. According to an eMarketer report, 72% of business decision makers researched a product after watching a related video and 46% went on to purchase a product (Tweet This). Although still a new form of content, the data reveals why B2B marketers are taking note of the high return on the investment of video marketing.

Calming Negative Beliefs with Video Marketing

If you're just getting started with video marketing or have already perfected the finesse of digital storytelling, giving a product demo or a behind-the-scenes look into your company are great ways to personalize your brand, explain a complex product feature, or quiet buyer's remorse. According to Invodo, a video content strategy firm, 52 percent of purchasers experience less buyer's remorse after watching video related to the purchased product. The creators of the educative McDonald's video calmed consumer unrest by showing past, current, and potential customers that their Chicken McNuggets are actually made with 100% chicken breast.

Personalize Your Brand and Telling a Visual Story

McDonald's put a sweet, assuring face to the corporate entity of McDonald's. Rather than utilizing a faceless and ominous deep voice to narrate the video, Nicolette Stefour, the Supply Chain Manager of McDonald's Canada, personally answers a consumer question and walks the viewer through the entire manufacturing process.

B2B decision makers have the same human predispositions as the average consumer. We're all drawn to emotional connections and visual storytelling so avoid simply displaying a laundry list of product features. Even though the goal of your video may be purely educative in nature, each product or service your business offers has a special story- be it an intricate history, a secret ingredient, a complicated manufacturing process, or undiscovered uses for your product. Make the video interesting to the viewer as you would in a white paper, blog post or eBook and tell a cohesive story.

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The McDonald's marketing executives could have easily created a budget film and only listed the nutritional ingredients on a whiteboard to educate buyers, but instead presented the main problem (consumer worry of unhealthy McNugget ingredients) and provided a transparent response in a relatable and engaging fashion. In a simple two-minute video they successful calmed consumer worry, revealed the behind-the-scenes manufacturing of their product, and answered the question we've all asked ourselves on that indulgent Sunday night- "What the hell is in my Chicken McNugget?"

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