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How Midmarket Companies Attract the Best Talent

Business.com / Hiring / Last Modified: October 9, 2017
Photo credit: Africa Studio/Shutterstock

Midmarket companies are feeling the pressures of finding and retaining quality talent. Start hiring top talent today.

Large companies provide great opportunities for growth. Small companies offer personal experiences and great teamwork.

These are common conceptions job seekers have, but we don't often hear what they think about middle-market organizations. This is one of the reasons midmarket companies have trouble attracting and retaining talent – job seekers are simply unsure of what they have to offer.

No matter the reason, midmarket companies continue to struggle with bringing top talent on board.

In fact, according to a recent report from the National Center for the Middle Market, talent management is the middle market's biggest constraint. The report also found that midmarket companies rank talent management among their top three challenges.

With nonstop talk about the competitive job market, midmarket companies need to amp up their hiring and retention efforts more than ever.

Here's how you can attract top talent in the competitive midmarket:

Enrich job satisfaction from the start

Lack of job satisfaction was a key predictor of employee turnover across the middle market, according to the "2017 Talent Management Middle Market Index" report by Quantum Workplace.

Job satisfaction isn't just about making sure candidates are happy. Instead, employers need to focus on an employee's passion for the job, their dedication to the company and overall engagement.

From social media to job board ratings and even networking, people are expressing their positive and negative opinions about companies. And top talent is especially doing their research before committing to a new position.

As early as the job posting stage, show potential candidates how they will put their strengths to use every day, that the position is interesting and challenging, and that they'll enjoy the work they will do. 

Be detailed about position duties in job descriptions so candidates can fully assess if they're passionate about the work you're offering.

Personalize your career page and job postings by sharing quotes from company leaders, such as why they're passionate about the company's mission and why this open role is crucial for achieving larger goals.

Ask successful and satisfied employees in the same department to also provide quotes. They can share what's unique about the position, company or department, why they feel challenged, and what makes work great for them.

Create clear and certain futures

Many lower midmarket companies have trouble aligning the future with perceptions of growth opportunity and future fit. Our previously mentioned report found that this is also becoming a key turnover predictor.

You don't need to hire a futurist to know you need a strong understanding of where your company is going in order to be successful. Your team is not only aware of this, but they want to be by your side during the planning process. This helps them know they're involved, their opinions matter and their future is solid with the company.

The hiring process is the perfect time to start defining a clear career path. Make each step for their future precise and explain how they can reach the next step in their career goals. Then explain the learning and development, mentoring, and coaching opportunities they'll be given to help make those goals a reality.

Flaunt your teamwork

According to Quantum's middle-market report, employees in the upper middle market were more likely to leave their jobs when there was uncertainty about their team members' effectiveness and the likeability of their immediate supervisor.

Potential candidates need to feel comfortable in your team environment before they're hired.

If they don't, these uncertainties leave your top talent looking for a company where they feel co-workers are putting forth the same amount of effort as they are and that supervisors are agreeable.

Ask questions focusing on the candidate's teamwork abilities and expectations during the hiring process. Explain how your company approaches teamwork every day. Stress the importance of open and honest communication, using collaboration to heighten each other's strengths, and gaining trust and respect.

Attracting top talent is every organization's dream, but it's proving more challenging than ever – especially for the midmarket. Focus on what makes your company, team and open positions the best option for candidates during the hiring process to enhance the quality of candidates applying to your job postings.

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