How Niche Focused Content Can Dramatically Improve Your Content Marketing ROI / Marketing Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Narrowing down your focus can improve your content ROI and establish your brand as a specialist in your target niche.

In the last year, more than 61 percent of U.S. consumers made a purchase based on a blog post.

82 percent of consumers enjoy reading relevant content on blogs and more than 70 percent of consumers learn about a company through its blog rather than paid advertisements.

Countless studies have shown that content marketing is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to build a strong brand image, establish long-term customer relationships and boost sales.

Chart that shows what % consumers enjoy reading blog and what % learn through blogs.

However, a major reason why many brands fail, to maximize the ROI on their content marketing efforts, is lack of focus.

Instead of carefully choosing their niche, they try to please everyone. As a result, they end up impressing no one.

That is why it’s important to create content that is tailored for your niche and addresses the needs of your audience.

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Why Niche-Focused Content is the Way to Go?

Suppose you own a web design agency that offers the full range of design, development, and marketing services, the norm these days.

There are two ways you can create content for your blog.

  • You could stretch yourself and cover a wide range of related topics.
  • You could select a small group of closely related topics, go deep, become a specialist in that area and make it your USP.

The second approach is closer to niche focused content marketing.

A few months down the line, you could analyze your customers, look for trends and adjust your content focus even more.

For example, if you realize that more than 70 percent of your customers come from one country or a certain industry, why not shift all of your focus to that industry and tailor your brand accordingly?

According to the Pareto Principle (the 80/20 rule), 80 percent of your results come from 20 percent of your efforts.

If you’ve been in business for a while, analyze the services or products that bring in the major chunk of your revenues. Shift your content focus to those products and scale your business in that area.

Visual chart demonstrating the Pareto Principle

On the face of it, narrowing down your focus will shrink you target market. But in reality, it will drastically improve your conversion rates and increase revenues, as described in this detailed case study.

There are several other benefits of narrowing down your content focus.

1. Attracting Prospects Becomes Much Easier

Since your message resonates with a very specific market, it becomes easier to understand their needs and tailor your content accordingly.

And when you create high-quality content focused on a small niche, your readers start valuing your opinion and trust you as their go-to resource when they need help.

This influence and expert status silently persuades prospects to approach you for your services and makes it much easier to close deals.

This is applicable in any industry.

For example, this company approached entrepreneurship and business consultancy from a different angle and narrowed down its focus to the senior care franchise model.

They created specialized content that appeals to this particular industry and went deep with every piece of content.

Senior Care Franchising Ad

You can replicate this model with different forms of content as well. You just need to approach an industry from a unique angle, or an angle that has not been highlighted as much by your competitors.

For example, this NGO positioned itself as a center of happiness and positivity by publishing multiple eBooks and blog posts on closely related topics.

Unified Caring Association Ad

Regularly publishing laser focused content ensures that whenever a prospect thinks about your specialized service, your brand is the first name that comes to his mind.

Naturally, this leads to more leads, referrals and sales.

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2. Your Focus Shifts from Quantity to Quality

Publishing new blog posts every day is one of the biggest content marketing mistakes a brand a can make. This usually happens to brands that try to cover every possible topic in their industry.

With a niche focus, however, you don’t need to publish every day. You only speak when you have something valuable to say, because your focus in on the value that your content delivers, not just the numbers.

When you adopt the narrow-deep content approach, your posts become longer and more valuable. They become resource posts that your readers can bookmark and reference in future.

This approach not only establishes you as an expert in front of your target audience but also gets you in Google’s good books, which I’ll explain in the next point.

3. Google Gives More Value To Niche Specific Sites

One of Google’s biggest objectives is to show high quality, reliable and authentic search results to its users. To achieve this objective, Google has been making gradual changes to its algorithms for a number of years now.

With every new algorithm change, one thing becomes clear, Google loves specialists.

The more niche-focused content your blog or website has, the likelier you are to rank higher for related search terms, even if your content is not optimized for all the related terms.

If a piece of content differs drastically from the overall content theme of a site, it’s likely to get penalized by Google because of irrelevant content.

This is why blogs that focus on a small niche and create content on closely related topics rank much higher.

Google prefers showing its users in-depth, well-researched and authentic content, instead of thin content that barely scratches the surface of a topic.

A study by SerpIQ shows that the average content length of the top 10 search results is more than 2,000 words.

Average content length of top 10 results chart.

This is another indication that Google wants content creators to adopt the narrow-deep content approach instead of the wide-thin approach. And you can consistently create in-depth content only if you specialize in it.

That is why focusing on a small niche is likelier to generate more organic search traffic to your blog.

4. You Earn Brand Mentions, Backlinks and Free Marketing

One of the primary ways Google and other search engines determine the worth of a brand is by analyzing the quality and the relevance of its backlinks and brand mentions on other websites.

A survey by Moz shows that nearly 37 percent of businesses in the U.S. spend $10,000 to $50,000 per month on acquiring authority backlinks.

That’s a lot of money.

You can almost completely save this cost by creating niche-specific, in-depth and high-quality content. Publish studies, new findings, innovative tips and unique ways to approach common problems in your niche.

When you’re regarded as an expert in a particular area, other people quote you, mention your brand and link back to your site to borrow your credibility. They know they’ll look good by linking to you since you’re an authentic source.

Branded searches quote

It not only saves you thousands of dollars in marketing budgets but also makes it easier for you to expand your business and create new offers.

A good example of this approach is Shopify, an E-commerce platform. Other than its core product, Shopify serves its target market by publishing really useful and in-depth content on its blog.

Its content team regularly comes up with new E-commerce case studies, research reports, and other link-worthy content. As a result, even many of its competitors link back to Shopify when referring to its studies.

GoSpaces, also an E-commerce platform, offers small but really useful tools that are tailored for the needs of its user base.

For example, they created a simple privacy policy generator that their users, mainly small E-commerce companies, can use on their sites.

This is a great example of solving a small but important problem of a small niche and strengthening your brand image in it.

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Wrapping Up

Niche markets, the small segments within your industry, offer a huge opportunity for brands and small businesses that cannot compete directly with national and international brands.

Instead of stretching your marketing efforts too thin, focus on a small segment and become a master of it.

This will help you quickly establish your brand as a niche leader and drastically improve your conversion rates, giving you a direct ROI on all your content marketing efforts.

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