Work From Your Pocket: How The iPhone 7 Will Save You Time / Work Life / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

The Apple 10 iOS is the biggest update to Apple's iOS yet. Here is a look at all that comes with the new phone and the new software update.

The highly anticipated iPhone 7 has been released and alongside it, the Apple 10 iOS.

The Apple 10 iOS is the biggest update to Apple's iOS yet according to the company's CEO, Tim Cook. Not only is this a great upgrade to the existing platform, the update will be launched alongside the iPhone 7.

The new updates with the phone will be exceedingly beneficial as it will include even more useful features. Cook states, "We have created the world's most advanced smartphone the best iPhone we have ever created. This is iPhone 7.”

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New Features

  •  256 GB size
  •  Jet Black color option
  •  Wireless headphone capability

Greater Size

The 16GB is now 32GB. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus has increased entry-level storage to double its previous size. This greater size will create more space for applications and is the first time a phone has been introduced with such a high storage for its smallest-sized phone.

The 256 GB is the highest size available with the iPhone 7 and is an increase above the previous iPhone. The greater size will create an even more secure platform for businesses as it will likely to be able to hold more information easier and for a greater period of time.

Easier Access

The screen will now give users access to a choice of apps; even when locked. Giving easier access to apps which are needed more simply and efficiently and allowing the option to still keep the phone protected.


It will be a faster phone. Since it has an A10 Fusion chip, it is 40 percent faster in performance. As well as having a 50 percent faster graphics performance than the previous chip before, this will be a welcomed addition to the new iPhone.

Ability to Remember

With the iPhone 7 upgrade, you can view what you have been searching on your computer on your smartphone with Safari. It will keep your information saved when needed so that you can readily bring it up while you are away from your desk straight from your iPhone.

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Easier Travel

The new phone includes an advanced locating system which pinpoints your parked car. With Google Maps, iPhone can remember exactly where you've parked your car when you have reached your destination. This can speed up your travel time while in new locations and give you more security while on the go.


The new features include a clear all notifications option where you can clear all notifications at once instead of one by one. This will clear up information easier and keep you updated in a more efficient way.

Increased Battery

One of the most useful features is the battery life upgrade. The longer battery life includes two more hours than the iPhone 6s. It is the longest-lasting iPhone made yet. It includes 40 hours of wireless audio playback and 13 hours of wireless audio which can support a wider spectrum of productivity apps.


As the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have released with greater features, it includes a variety of visual options as well. Gold, rose gold, silver, and black are the options for colors and a polished jet black option for the higher capacity phones such as the 128GB and the 256GB.

The jet black option, however, has sold out within hours of pre-order launch and will be available at a later time. Another visual upgrade is the newly introduced force-sensitive home screen button and the wireless headphone design.

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Camera and Sound Upgrades

The upgrades which include the camera and sound quality are also substantial. The display is 25 percent brighter and the sound is twice the volume as the iPhone 6s speakers. This gives the ability for greater video conferencing quality. Dual cameras are also a new addition with wireless headphone capability called AirPods.

Altogether the Apple iPhone 7 has been a welcomed change to users and investors alike. Apple’s stock has seemingly been doing well and even though it hasn’t risen substantially yet, even after the new iPhone’s announcement, it is expected to skyrocket with the iPhone 8 release.

Knowing all of iPhone 7’s features and its mega upgrades such as the 256 GB size option and two hours of increased battery size, I can't wait to see the Apple iPhone 8 model since it is expected to have even more upgrades.

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