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From Sunshine to Rain: How the Weather Affects Your Productivity

Sarah Parfitt
Sarah Parfitt

How different types of weather impact employee focus and productivity.

How different types of weather impact employee focus and productivity.

The weather does have a major impact on your daily productivity. Maintaining productivity during weather-induced laziness requires movement, exercise and a brief change of scenery.

Changes to the atmosphere in your immediate workspace also assist in rejuvenating motivation for increased productivity.

It does help to get up and relocate yourself for a few minutes to get back on track when you experience a weather-related distraction at work.

Sunshine induces alertness

In bright, sunshine-abundant weather, employees stay on-task with greater efficiency. The bright light helps keep employee brains awake, alert, and attentive. The boost in productivity from sunshine is due to employees wanting the end of the day upon them to enjoy the sunshine. Taking care of personal tasks after-hours often requires a bit of sunlight.

Sun has an effect of either positivity or negativity when it comes to productivity. Some employees experience a greater amount of distractions from peering out at blue skies and bright sunshine. Adding window treatments in an effort of removing distractions work well. Ensure that supervisory staff signs off on the window treatments before installing them as safety concerns may arise from the use of outside materials.

Cloudy weather reduces motivation

Cloudy weather produces fewer instances for distractions. When no sun illuminates buildings and cityscapes, employees stay more focused on work than what’s happening outside. Employees known for daydreaming should move their desk location away from windows and more toward the center of the office space.

Cloudy weather also accounts for employees stating that they are tired. The lack of sunshine and darker workspaces signals the brain to relax and start winding down for the day.

Poor lighting

Poor lighting on an already cloudy day is a recipe for disaster in the productivity department. If the employer does not provide ample overhead lighting, purchase a high-quality desk lamp for your personal workspace. Improved lighting in a dreary space helps promote productivity and focus. Use an LED light bulb as it produces a brighter, more natural light that keeps your brain moving forward on long to-do lists.

When implementing your own lighting, make sure that the use of a personal desk lamp is permitted. For safety purposes, some employers do not permit personal electrical devices in the workplace.

Rain means nap time

For much of society, hearing the rain is relaxing and makes for great sleeping weather. It often induces the feeling of needing a nap for rejuvenation. When the rain is only a sprinkle, consider closing the window so that your focus is on work and not on the weather.

If you are a person that enjoys thunderstorms, it is a distraction to watch them while at work. If you are looking out the window, there is no work happening. Use a window treatment in your personal workspace to block out the light show happening in the sky.

Cold weather increases productivity

When it is cold outside, you tend to move a little faster. A cold body moves with stiff motions, which leads to frustration from an increased effort to move comfortably. When your body gets too cold, it can stop your productivity completely. Maintain an even and comfortable temperature in your workspace so that tasks are completed in a timely manner.

When the workspace is too cold, it is a good idea to mention something to your superiors to correct the issue. A building or HVAC system issue causes improper airflow and uneven heating/cooling.

Heat slows you down

Heat is a common culprit for decreased productivity. It requires more physical demand from your body to move when an internal body temperature rises. Employees will display symptoms of heat-related fatigue by noticing feelings of nausea, dizziness, or confusion from being too hot in the workspace.

Improper ventilation, depleted window conditions, and improper insulation are main causes for increased heat in a workspace. Bringing this to the attention of superiors is the only way to notify them of the issue so that it can be properly repaired.

Exercise during inclement weather

Promote exercise breaks within your company. Provide the equipment and an appropriate amount of space to exercise in. Exercising does not deplete the body of energy; it helps create it. Exercising at work reduces employee stress, improving employee health, and reducing workplace anxiety. Reduced stress and anxiety promote increased productivity.

The weather does affect productivity, concentration, and efficiency. An ideal way to combat the effects of decreased productivity is to use creative solutions to increase brain focus. As long as your brain remains focused on a task-list, it is difficult to force it to wander. When you feel the weather bringing down your productivity, get up, and move around a little. Movement aids in increased blood circulation and increases your metabolism so that improved productivity gets the to-do list complete.

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