Mari Minute: Do Third Party Apps Hurt Facebook Reach & Engagement? / Business Solutions / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

If you're trying to drive reach and engagement on Facebook, there's something we need to tell you. Watch this week's #MariMinute now!

If you're trying all you can to drive reach and engagement on Facebook, there's something we need to tell you: third party tools could seriously hurt your efforts. 

In 2015, the amazing folks at BuzzSumo analyzed 500 million Facebook posts and found that posting through third party tools can result in up to 89.5 percent LESS reach and engagement. Ouch!

The best way to avoid limiting your reach is to post natively through your Facebook page itself. Thanks to the scheduling features, you can plan and set everything in advance, much like you would in a third party tool. Additionally, posting natively will better give you the ability to see how your post will look when live. 

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Other Posting Tips for Expanded Reach and Engagement

Some other interesting facts that BuzzSumo uncovered, from my blog:

  • Posts published from 10-11 PM EST get 88 percent more interactions than the average Facebook post.*
  • Image posts get 179% more interactions than the average text-only Facebook post.
  • Posts ending with a question get 162 percent more interactions than the average post.
  • Videos are the most shared post type, with 89.5 average Facebook shares.**
  • Posts published on Sunday get 52.9 percent more interactions than the average Facebook post.
  • Excluding images, posts with 150-200 characters performed the best, averaging 238.75 shares.
  • Posts that link to long form content (2000+ words) receive 40 percent more interactions than linking to short form content.

* Interactions = likes + shares + comments
** BuzzSumo counted only shares, not likes + comments.

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In order to get the most out of your efforts on Facebook, it's extremely important to experiment and see what works for your page and its audience. 

Tune in next week for a new epsiode of #MariMinute!

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