How to be a Good B2B Content Cross-Promoter / Marketing Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

If your B2B content cross-promoting efforts have been falling on deaf ears in recent times, there are measures you can take to improve...

If your B2B content cross-promoting efforts have been falling on deaf ears in recent times, there are measures you can take to improve such results.

The first and foremost issue to deal with is admitting your cross-promotion efforts have not been working. Yes, admit some failure in this area in order to correct the problem and move on.

When you attempt to cross-promote online content, you are reaching out to other marketers who've already shown interest in your material, making it easier to get their attention than someone who you have never had any worthwhile dealings with.

Let's say your best content work to date was done several months ago and you're putting together a new online marketing plan.

In that case, cross-promoting the older content that registered with your audience is a great way to promote then and now. You prove yourself to be an authoritative marketer with your past achievements, thereby improving the chances of having this newer marketing content register with the visitor to your site.

As part of the cross-promoting effort, be sure to draw a link between old and new content so that the visitor sees the connection.  Relevancy is key here at all times as you map out then and now.

Some other tips to successful content cross-promotion include:

  • Don't inundate your audience -- While you may feel like you need to throw everything but the kitchen sink at your audience, don't overload them. You want to lead your audience to a desired action and not overwhelm them with decisions;
  • Take the opportunity to thank them and offer them something new at the same time. If you've gotten a visitor to make a purchase or sign up for a newsletter for example, use the 'thank you' message to introduce them to something new, i.e. "We wanted to thank you for signing up for our marketing newsletter. Did you know that we have an upcoming webinar on how to market your small business?"
  • Combine your production efforts -- In the event you have a blog and a podcast or video production that tie together a common theme, by all means cross-promote them. While they both may be strong individually, they stand to be even better together. Use the blog to get the written message out, while the podcast and/or video piece can bring sound and sight to the message. This is also a good idea in that it allows those who prefer the written word to go to that message, while those choosing audio and/or video can select that medium. As visitors cross back-and-forth, you build up a larger audience, in turn, increase your search engine rankings;
  • Partner up -- If you are working withothers to promote, be sure to promote their products and/or services and request them to do likewise. Especially in challenging economic times, cross-promoting each other's goods can cut down on promotional costs and subject you to an expanded audience;
  • Enjoy benefits of social media -- As social media tools continue to expand, so do the opportunities for B2B marketers to cross-promote through a variety of different channels. When it comes to Twitter for example, there are ample opportunities to cross-promote, most notably through retweeting. For example, you have two marketing companies that guest blog on marketing-related topics. Sharing each other's content opens the door to new audience members for both parties, thereby increasing business opportunities.

Lead Others to a Sale When Ready

Along with your cross-promoting efforts, you want to make sure you properly manage those leads once they arrive and register on your landing page.

Oftentimes, the prospect's data will be put in a computer system, and then your sales team is on to the new lead. This step is important due to the fact you do not want to have the client and/or the sales rep speaking just yet if one or both are not ready for such a conversation.

Make sure that you properly manage the lead once it comes to your site via a whitepaper download, webinar, etc. and are only ready to speak to the potential customer when he or she is prepared for such a conversation. This is where lead nurturing comes into play.

With such a system in place, marketing can nurture the lead and inform the prospect, then passing along to sales only when the time is right.

As a B2B marketer, what do you find to be your best cross-promotion and lead nurturing efforts?

Which ones are you still thinking about trying and why haven't you done them before?


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