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Being a brand management wizard requires the brain of a logician and the soul of an artist. Read on to learn how to do it well.

Building trust in a company’s brand and managing the reputation of that brand is one of the most highly sought after skills in contemporary international business. Being a brand manager is also a highly lucrative career move.

More than half of a business’s audience consists of visual learners. But companies need to be careful. Fifty-four percent of consumers do not trust brands, making the brand manager’s job that much more difficult.

So, what types of tasks does the job of a brand manager encompass and what, specifically, are the unique characteristics that separate the average brand manager from the brand management wizard?

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Common Brand Management Tasks

Being a brand manager comes with a myriad of different yet interrelated tasks, including but not limited to the following:

  • Researching consumer markets
  • Monitoring market trends
  • Identifying areas to invest company resources based on consumer needs and consumer spending patterns
  • Crafting novel names for new products and services
  • Offering creative ideas for new, intriguing packaging designs
  • Overseeing TV, newspaper, magazine, and web advertising
  • Proofing product and service copy
  • Ensuring that designs and messages meet the organization’s brand and in-house regulatory specifications for the brand
  • Monitoring product distribution and consumer reactions through focus groups and market research techniques
  • Spearheading the launch of products and marketing programs with both external consumers and internal employees

Brand Management Skills

Execution of the tasks listed above is far from simple. Therefore, a talented brand manager must possess the following basic skills:

  • A knack for devising future product concepts
  • Outstanding analytic skills
  • Excellent communication skills for the constant interfacing with various teams both internal and external to the business in order to bring products to market
  • Exceptional leadership skills to lead all of these teams with one unique vision
  • Attention to detail to better manage multiple projects at once
  • High organizational and methodical skills to see each project launch through from conception to execution
  • Ability to meet various different deadlines and work under the pressures that multiple deadlines involve
  • Superb management and presentation skills to ensure that manufactures, distributors, graphic designers, and retail location personnel all execute product launches correctly

And all these skills more than pay the rent. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual wage for marketing managers was $137,400 in 2014.

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How Do Brand Wizards do It?

Brand management isn’t for just anyone. In addition to the skills listed above, successful brand managers possess rare characteristics that combine in a highly unique way for them to create the best brand management techniques possible. This section covers just a few of those characteristics.


Most businesses are comprised of teams of imitators. So many teams copy the services or products offered by other businesses to survive. However, exceptional brand managers are mavericks who want to differentiate their products and/or services from everyone else.

A great brand manager, therefore, is first and foremost a wholesale innovator. This can be challenging for a brand manager, because the company’s top management often has a herd mentality and tends to fight the very changes needed to make their product or service a success.


Ultimate brand wizards are both left-brained and right-brained in an almost uncanny manner. The left side of the brain is the analytical side, and the right side is the creative side.

So, theoretically, brand management wizards could play bass in a rock band as well as manage the rock band’s finances and be its booking agent.

Thinking with both sides of their brains allows exceptionally talented brand managers to go from analyzing statistical data one second to creating a well-thought-out retail planogram that will increase sales almost instantly once implemented the next.

Since most human beings excel either somehow creatively or analytically, the whole brain thinking disposition is a highly unique attribute, ideal for the field of brand management.

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Long-Term Orientation

Brand management wizards think long term. Few modern business professionals can think a day ahead of them, but a brand management wizard is always thinking long term.

Brand managers need to make sure no knee-jerk company reactions will dilute the integrity of their brands or their messages.

Less is More

Brand management wizards know they only have mere seconds to capture the minds of consumers in their markets.

The marketplace is already far too cluttered with far from memorable marketing, so brand management experts never waste a second on communicating anything but the brand’s unique message.


Brand wizards need to have the soul of an artist since most buying decisions are not made strictly on logic.

They understand how aesthetics are used in marketing and advertising to appeal to consumer emotions by charming buyers with evocative marketing materials and messages, utilizing their right-brain thinking skills.

Being a brand manager is more than just knowing what to say when to say it. It’s knowing how to say what needs to be said in a creative and unique way.

By utilizing both left and right brain skills in addition to leadership and organizational abilities in addition to presentation skills.

Take advantage of this information to become the ultimate brand management wizard for your company today.

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