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Tips and Tools for Choosing the Right Content Writer for Your Business

Julie Petersen

Needing to hire a content writer for your business? Here are some things to consider before starting your search.

As an owner of a business, you have plenty of responsibilities.

Content marketing is an important part of your entire marketing strategy, so you'll likely need to find time for blogging, article writing, press releases, social media promotion and more.

Writing is a time-consuming task that requires skills and commitment. Unfortunately, you don’t have that much time on your hands.  

Most business owners decide to delegate the task of writing to professional content writers. That’s the right decision to make when your main occupation is business, not writing.

In the continuation, you’ll find tips and tools that will help you discover a talented, sociable, active, and hard-working writer, who will contribute towards the growth of your business.

7 Tips that Help You Hire a Great Content Writer

1. Look for an educated writer who understands your niche.

If your business deals with auto parts, for example, you need a writer who understands the automotive industry and writes articles better than the ones your competitors are publishing. You need content that will make sense for someone who has a good base of knowledge on the matter. If you hire a copywriter, who paraphrases content that’s already out there, you won’t achieve success with your pieces. The readers will easily see the fake authority.  

Every talented writer has a specialty. Check the portfolios of your candidates and find someone who can easily fit into your marketing campaign.   

2. Grammar is important.

Don’t base your impression of the candidates’ literacy on the resumes that they send. Make sure to conduct a written interview. It’s best to avoid Skype and other tools that make video interviews possible. Since you want to hire a writer, you should see what impression he/she makes through writing.

If you see some mistakes that are lingering throughout the answers, proceed to your next candidate.

3. Hire someone who is ready to write on a daily basis.

You never know when you’ll need an urgent article or updates on website content. You need someone you can rely on in such situations. If your current content writer takes days for a single post, you should look for someone more productive.

There is another reason for hiring someone who writes on a daily basis: progress. Constant practice and research on the topics from your niche will make the writer responsive to new challenges.

4. Be strict about your deadlines.

Needless to say, you should always understand a freelancer’s necessity to have some time off writing. However, you should also evaluate the situation carefully: you need a content writer who will be able to meet your reasonable deadlines.

If you notice that your writer is constantly behind your schedule, you should have a serious conversation and consider the possibility of hiring an additional writer. If that’s not possible, maybe it’s time for a replacement.

5. No plagiarism!

When you interview a writer, make sure to assign a trial project. Ask him/her to write a short, but high-quality article on one of your topics. Then, run it through a plagiarism detection engine. If you notice any sign of copied online content, don’t even consider hiring that freelancer.

6. Look for audience-friendly, engaging writing style.

When you read someone’s work for the first time, it may seem impressive. You understand what the writer is talking about, but do you think your target audience will understand it too? Not all great writers are able to compose audience-friendly content. You need someone who will make even the most boring topics engaging.

Interview few candidates, go through their samples and choose the one who shines in the crowd

7. Hire a writer who will deliver the best content for the price you’re willing to pay.

There is no typical price for a freelance writer. Some require $30 per hour; others will charge $5 per hour. Your best option is to set a price per article. Research the market and see how much high-quality authors from your particular niche charge.

It would be great to interview few candidates who you can afford, and then choose the one you like best.

6 Online Platforms That Help You Discover Content Writers

Now that you’re aware of the process of evaluation of the candidates for your position, there is only one question to answer: where do you find those candidates? The freelance writing industry is very competitive, so you can always discover someone who will provide great value for your investment. These are the most successful platforms that connect you with talented content authors:

1. Upwork

This online platform has attracted thousands of writers from all around the world. You can create a profile as a client, post your ad, set a budget and wait for the applications of freelancers who would like to work for you. Then, you’ll go through an interviewing process that will lead you to the final decision.

Be careful; not all writers at this website are good enough. Make sure to check the candidates’ reputation and feedback from previous clients.

2. iFreelance

This platform functions in a similar manner to the previous one. You post a project and wait for freelancers to bid their offers. Then, you can communicate to the candidates through an integrated messaging system, and choose the ones that fit your requirements. Since iFreelance does not charge transaction fees, you should check its terms and conditions and see if it’s more affordable than the other freelancing platforms you are considering.

3. NinjaEssays

At this website, you can hire professional writers with degrees in the niche you cover. That’s a win-win situation, since the prices are reasonable and the company will guarantee for the quality of work you receive. The clients are protected with strong guarantees and you’ll always get your content on time.

4. FreelancerCareers

This is another platform that connects you with talented, educated freelance writers. It’s a great choice if you need content written in academic style, since the writers hold MA and PhD degrees. You can easily contact the representatives via live chat system and provide your offer. FreelancerCareers also protects you with guarantees, so you’ll be making a safe investment if you choose this service.  

5. Freelancer

This is a very busy and competitive site, so you can expect to get many bids on your project. You can choose among writers from all over the world, so make sure the author you’re interested in can write like a native English speaker.

6. Textbroker

This is a leading article writing service that provides content tailored to your needs. It has hired authors capable of completing content in different niches, so it’s a safe choice when you need a highly-specialized article.

Instead of going through ups and downs when you’re trying to discover the right content writer for your business, you should set some standards that will land you the best deal. The tips and tools provided above will support your quest for the perfect author!   

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