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How to choose the right folding chair?Sounds a little silly at first, but actually there are many folding chairs to choose from on the ...

How to choose the right folding chair?
Sounds a little silly at first, but actually there are many folding chairs to choose from on the market. Whether you are choosing 500 folding chairs for your business or 4 for your personal use you will want to make an informed decision.
 If you've ever rented a chair you may recall the customer service agent asking you several questions about the location and the type of event you were using the chair for. These questions were not just mere curiosity about your wedding or party so they could later crash it, they were actually helping you avoid some of the pitfalls and expenses you could incur by choosing the wrong chair.
 For example, if you’ll be using the chair for events inside and outside, an agent would not recommend a wood folding chair. Every folding chair has its unique qualities. If you consider some of your locations specifications a little guidance can assist you in making a lasting choice in folding chairs.  

A few of the folding chair options that you will commonly find at sites such as are as follows:
 Wood folding chair,br>An affordable stylish option in folding chairs. Not for outdoors. Cushioned seat for reasonable folding chair comfort. Real wood, real nicks and scratches will need to be sanded and painted, but can be maintained with a little effort.
 Resin Folding Chair,br>More durable than its wood cousin. For a slightly higher cost you get a simple yet stylish folding chair. Unlike the wood folding chair this chair is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Provides reasonable comfort and easy interlocking storage, both vertically and horizontally. Limited maintenance, wipe clean, pop out seat.
 Plastic Folding Chair
The most basic of the folding chairs and the most reasonably priced. Maximizes seating as well as storage space. Easy to tramspot, very light. A favorite for "industrial" use.
 Bamboo Folding Chair
Primarily stylish with considerable comfort for a tropical folding chair.
 Blow Mold Folding Chair
This chair is built to endure. Great for outdoor use and lightweight. Super easy to clean. A favorite for personal use.
 There are countless styles, but these are some of the most basic and reasonable choices on websites such as

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