Power of Persuasion: How to Create a Highly Converting Call-to-Action

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Do you know how to create a highly converting call-to-action for your website? Then take a look at these awesome examples.

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Do you struggle to get people to click on your call-to-action?

Whether it's to sign up for your newsletter, download an e-book, register for an account, or buy your products, it's quite a task convincing people to click on that all important button, but it's not an impossible one.

Take a look at these four steps on how to create a highly converting CTA.

1. Choose the Right Color

There's a lot of debate surrounding color choices and how this can have an influence on purchasing decisions.

Ultimately it depends on what you want to achieve for your CTA, but if you check out this infographic from KissMetrics, they suggest that red is perfect to use in a clearance sale, and blue is ideal for creating a sense of trust.

Chart showing how color affects purchase decisions

So if your goal was to get people to sign up for an account, then you may be best using blue. This is something we see on websites such as Facebook, or this Dropbox example below, in which the user needs to create an account:

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Dropbox free trial pop up box

Where-as Target is a predominantly red brand and uses red for their CTA buttons, which could be due to the fact that they market themselves as a discount retailer.

KassaDesign towel set for sale at Target online

Understandably, you'll want to choose a color that stands out, but you also need to be sure that it complements the background, otherwise you'll just end up with an ugly looking website.

So for example, this CTA from Myprotein stands out on the page because it's blue and bold, but it still complements the other blues that are used on the page.

Impact whey protein for sale online

#2. Make It Look Clickable

In addition to the right color, you need to make sure that your CTA is designed in a way that it's begging to be clicked.

This is nothing that a few design tweaks can't solve. The very best CTAs all follow a similar formula. They're mainly rectangular or circular, they feature a strong border and give the impression that they are 3D and raised off the page.

So for example, this CTA from SocialMediaExaminer covers all of the above criteria. The shadowing effect on the button makes it appear raised and highlights it as a clickable button.

Call to action link for Social Media Examiner

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#3. Place It in Prime Position

The position of your CTA really depends on your product offering. When trying to get people to convert, you need to warm up your prospects so that they first understand what you're offering.

Once you've got that covered, your next step should be to guide them to the CTA.

Say for example you're designing a product page, then you're going to want to make the product the stand-out item on the page. The next action should be for them to look for the button that lets them add it to their cart.

How do you achieve this?

If you take a look at this heatmap study from Nielson you'll see that readers follow an F shape when viewing a product page, and that's what you need to replicate with your CTA placement.

Nielson Heatmap

So as you can see from this Toys"R"Us page, your eyes are naturally drawn to the product first, second is the price and then third is the CTA button. This is an ideal way of designing your product pages so that you can influence people to buy.

Toys R Us Shopkins product page

#4. Craft Persuasive Copy

It's surprising how much you can increase conversions by making a few tweaks to the copy on your CTA. If you take a look at this case study, you can see that by changing just one word in the copy, the click through rate increased by a whopping 90 percent.

What words should you be using?

It really depends on the goal for your CTA. For example on a product page, the obvious choice to use is "Add to cart" as it's a clear instruction on how the customer should act after viewing the product.

If you did want to encourage more conversions from your product page then many retailers have found that using words such as buy "Now" or "Today", really helps to build a sense of urgency.

If you're asking visitors to register for an account or sign up for your newsletter, then you'll want to think about creating longer compelling copy that's highly persuasive.

A great way that you can do this is by using verbs such as Start, Build, Join or Discover.

As you can see, this is a great example from the Unbounce homepage. In addition to using the word Build, it also conveys the value to the visitor by telling them they can expect to create a high converting landing page if they click that button.

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Ubounce homepage CTA


The biggest lessons to learn from a great call-to-action is that it needs to stand out on the page, and it should be clear on telling the customer how to act.

Don't forget to use A/B testing to discover which CTAs work best for your site so you can continue to improve your conversions.  

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