Human to Human: How to Develop Employees as More Than Just Workers / Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Taking care of your employees in more than a professional capacity can take your business to the next level.

Work shapes the habits and other parts of life that extend past the office. Managers and business owners should be trying to develop employees as people rather than just viewing them as nameless, faceless paychecks.

There are different facets of a person that can be developed that will actually help them become better at their jobs.

The following are some areas to develop employees make them more effective professionally as well as personally.


Taking care of employees by encouraging them to implement healthy habits and exercise can be difficult. Some ways to slowly ease into a healthy regimen is by replacing some of the least healthy snacks that are provided by the office with fruit or other healthy alternatives.

Some HR department heads are incredible at coming up with health initiatives that the entire staff can have fun doing. There are other ways a company can even pay for gym memberships for employees through the health insurance program that is provided. All an employee has to do is attend the gym a certain number of times and they can be reimbursed.

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Benefits of this:  

  • Health coverage for the entire office can cost way less if people improve health or even quit smoking.
  • Employees who exercise regularly will be less sluggish and more focused in the mornings.
  • Health initiatives give people the chance to bond as this is something most of the staff can do together.
  • Studies have shown that healthier employees are more productive than their other unhealthy counterparts. 


While paying people more won’t develop employees as a person, giving them financial advice can. It isn’t wise to give financial advice as a manager or owner but bringing in a professional a few times a year can make a huge difference. Money problems plague many people with zero regard if it is a recent grad or someone who has recently switched jobs.

Something as simple as a weekly email to staff of articles on financial survival or budgeting can help the staff become aware of places where they are wasting money.Helping educate the staff appropriately in terms of their finances can do a plethora of different things. This can eliminate distractions as far as people worry about money or even having to ask for a paycheck early to cover bills.

The staff will appreciate this as many colleges didn’t teach graduates how to budget or even invest for retirement. Bringing in professionals a few times a year can be free as many advisors look for large groups to give advice to with hopes of having a few sign with them.

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Many people can leave a job feeling down about themselves or the situation that they are in. Helping employees develop emotionally can take years but it can be done. Something as simple as developing the confidence to speak in front of large groups of people can take support. Conquering this fear can have some feeling great about themselves and allow them to be more comfortable and confident in settings that used to make them squirm.

Many team building exercises are about managers and staff learning about what motivates and scares each other. The simple interactions that go on daily can teach staff how to deal with other’s emotions as well as how to handle theirs. Sending out an email about self-reflection each week can be a great way to remind people to keep developing.

The Benefits of Developing People

Most owners or managers might think it is a waste of time to develop workers as people but there are things that can be garnered from it. The following are some ways that it can benefit a company for developing well-rounded employees.

  • Employee loyalty will be boosted as people know when they are being treated as a person rather than a social security number or paycheck.
  • Even if employees do leave, the greatest asset to a company once an employee leaves is possible business between their new company and old.
  • Those who learn leadership skills or even simpler skills can climb the corporate ladder.
  • This allows comfort in hiring from within as employees are multifaceted and not just a one-track person.
  • Employees could take the initiative in developing other employees or new hires. This takes the work out of developing people from just the managers and makes it an entire company journey.

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Developing people can correlate to developing great employees. Well-rounded employees can boost sales as well as interact in an office appropriately. The days of the star employee who can only do one thing are over as people and business are getting more competitive. Don’t let staff remain stagnant in the professional or personal development.

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