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Do you embrace your uniqueness and use it to your advantage in business? Learn how inside.

Do you embrace your uniqueness and use it to your advantage in business?

It’s not nearly as easy as you would think. And this day in age we are inundated with instruction from people trying to tell us the best way to do everything. Where’s the uniqueness in that?

But there isn’t a one-size-fits-all shoe for being successful. Especially not for Sami Rusani, a six-foot-nine-inch Swedish-born entrepreneur living in Los Angeles who has created a career out of being staggeringly taller unique.

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Find Your Unique Characteristics and Skills

"I’ve always been able to walk up to strangers and strike up a conversation because they always want to know how tall I am. I don’t have to be funny or smart; I’m just tall. Luckily, I’m funny and smart too,” laughs Sami.

Sami brings up a valid point. You don’t have to do what everyone else does. And you should be proud of what makes you unique. If you have a particular characteristic that makes you unique, own it and take full advantage of it.

The first step is to figure out what makes you unique. If you don’t know, you can ask others that know you well. It should not be something hard to figure out, and should be something obvious. Like in Sami’s case; it’s a physical attribute (his height) and his undeniable presence.

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Take Advantage of Your Uniqueness

"Being 6”9’ tall, I have a natural commanding presence, and combined with a big persona and a somewhat loud voice, it has always worked for me,” says Sami. I have personally seen Sami close some incredibly difficult deals. He uses his presence and persona to aid in that process.

Nobody else on earth can do something exactly the way you can. Figure out what your unique natural ability is and what your attributes are, and use it to your advantage. This is your secret weapon. In fact, you might be the exact opposite of Sami. You might be shy and short. Honor what you have, own it and use it.

Think of it as a video game. You might be the Warrior, the Wizard, the Archer, the Healer or something else. Know who you are and what you can do, then you can then pick your battles accordingly. The Wizard does not want to get into a sword fight, and the Warrior does not want to get into a magic battle.

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Develop Your Uniqueness

Do you think Sami knows every tall joke on the planet? If you guessed yes, you are right. He has an array of jokes, lines, and comebacks about being tall. He can chit chat about it and use it to strike up a conversation anytime. He has embraced his uniqueness and made it into a fun thing.

But it didn’t just happen overnight. It came from years of experience standing in his shoes and embodying what he is rather than trying to be something else, or fight fights that don’t suit him. Because no matter how hard Sami tries he’s never going to be short and not (literally) stand out.

Close the Deal by Bringing It All Together

"I’ve jokingly closed several deals by telling people they’ll never find anyone taller to do business with. But, aside from the fun aspect of being tall, the fact that I constantly study sales and marketing strategies and tactics give me an edge. Knowledge is power, and it’s easier to close deals when you are extremely knowledgeable,” says Sami.

Sami is on to something important here, no matter how good someone is at sales or getting attention there is a common denominator, knowledge. You can be the best sales person on the planet, but if you don’t have knowledge or real value, then you might ultimately be seen as a fake, or someone that can’t deliver what they are promising.

"I’ve learned that being able to listen and understand is a far better skill than just being a loud talker, so I have learned to use a big physical presence to instill confidence, which leads to something you have to earn respect,” says Sami.

Respect is something that you absolutely cannot earn by being a copycat. Follow these steps to capitalize on who you are. Bring authenticity, uniqueness, and real value to the table in everything that you do. This creates an incredible combination that if used well is like having your own secret weapon, which nobody else has access to.

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