Lead Like a Boss: How to Gain Respect as a Manager

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Discover how to gain some respect as a manager and other ideas about how to command respect in your workplace.

Proving yourself as a business leader has never been easy.

From the outset, you’re persuading clients, competitors, stakeholders and members of staff that you’ve got the right kind of knowledge and command of your industry to reap a profit from your major business.

The new age of entrepreneurs has suffered this fate more than previous generations, thanks in part to their status as baby-faced millionaires.

Silicon Valley’s great thinkers made mountains of cash before the age of 30, and while this has made them fascinating to the media, they’ve also received a greater deal of scrutiny for their casual dress sense, awkward mannerisms, and supposed naivety.

They remain, however, the leading entrepreneurs of our time, muscling their technological wares into every aspect of our lives.

But you’re a measly startup company with a small staff and a customer base of exactly zero. You need to gain some credentials before you can build your business from the bottom to the top.

With that in mind, we’ve considered a few ways that you can become a commanding and respected boss. Take a look.

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Formally Know Business

Unlike many of the entrepreneurs of the past Alan Sugar being the most notable example, few of the most prominent entrepreneurs of the day are lacking in qualifications. People like Mark Zuckerberg are acknowledged for their respected education in computing and programming.

The "take chancers" of the business world, who throw muck at the wall and see what sticks, are a dying breed. Now, people expect someone with an incisive and highly qualified knowledge of big business. To attain this on the cheap, study for an online business degree that’ll provide you with a solid foundation of knowledge that you can use to tackle any situation.

Personality Means Good Business

You’ll very rarely hear about a businessperson who’s a fly on the wall. Some people might be mild-mannered, but they’re able to push their point and keep a controlling hand above their business. This is all a matter of personality, the difference between an introvert and an extrovert. Introverts will allow themselves to be pushed around in a business meeting, while an extrovert will loudly keep control of the steering wheel.

If you’re naturally receding in a company, don’t worry. Although being more confident in business is something that some people seem to have inherently, it can be taught. Find a motivational speaker or business professional who can help you come out of your shell. Pretty soon you’ll be commanding meetings like a military general.

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Always Plan

Projected earnings and forecasts of growth are ultimately little more than calculated guesses, like predicting the weather. What really matters is the precision of your guesswork, that your financial plans are meticulously crafted and make perfect sense. As a boss, you’ll have one million-and-one things to do, but planning will help you look cool, calm and collected no matter what you’re doing and, in turn, command the respect of your employees.

Learn How to Listen

It is normal that a manager will have the most vocal role in any team, telling others what they need to do in every situation and making final decisions crucial for daily operations. This habit may lead some bosses to forget that communication is a two-way street and that employees might have some good ideas from time to time. Furthermore, if the employees know their opinions are taken seriously, they will develop a sense of loyalty for their leader.

Improve Your Weak Sides

Some managers possess a high level of technical knowledge, others are good with money handling, another group displays great people skills... but very few are complete. That’s why great leaders always work on their abilities, especially those areas where they lack expertise or experience. You can be sure that everyone will notice and appreciate the readiness to adopt new skills despite the high status in the company. Also, some of those skills might translate to higher effectiveness and better image among the colleagues.

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Have the Knowledge

In London, taxi drivers have to sit a test which is colloquially known as The Knowledge, which they have to understand every route in London. Even with the advent of GPS, this is still a respected tradition for cabbies in the capital, not least because it shows an in-depth understanding of the job. As a manager, you should have your own kind of Knowledge, understanding at least a small amount of the jobs your employees are doing. This’ll give you a little bit of empathy and make your staff trust your judgment that little bit more.

If you’ve got any other ideas about how to command respect in your workplace, let us know in the comments below.

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