Let's Get Quizzical: How to Generate Warm Inbound Leads From Your Website Using Quizzes

Business.com / Marketing Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

An average site only converts at 2.3 percent, however, a simple and fun quiz can change that. Here's how to use them to engage your leads.

The average website conversion rate (to a trial or email subscriber) is 2.3 percent.

That's pretty abysmal, especially considering that ad clicks are often north of a dollar apiece, meaning that for every $100 you spend, $97 is just thrown out the window. There is a solution to this problem that's beginning to creep into website design that is taken straight from the halls of Facebook news feeds and Buzzfeed headlines.

The solution is quizzes. 

The simple personality quiz can boost on-page conversion rates while not detracting from your existing lead capture efforts. There is a formula for how this happens, and it breaks down into three steps.

  1. First, entertaining a visitor.
  2. Second, engaging that visitor and hooking them in.
  3. Third, selling to that visitor and getting their contact information.

If that sounds too meta, don't worry, we're about to break this down into easy-to-follow granular steps. 

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Part 1: Entertain the People

Quizzes fall into a category of marketing best described as "not boring." They convert at a high rate just like other lead magnets like ebooks and case studies, but they also provide entertainment value. 

At the risk of taking fun quizzes and making them boring, I am now going to break down the steps to creating a fun quiz. There are two ways of creating entertainment value in quizzes, pick your poison. 

First, make it personal. Personality quizzes account for 70 percent of all quizzes created, and there's good reason for that, everyone wants to know more about themselves. To make an effective personality quiz, just use the template "Which (blank) are you?" So that could be "Which makeup brand are you?" or "Which superhero are you?" or even "Which kind of elephant pants are you?." 

Second, make it challenging. The other 30 precent of quizzes are the "test" type that discover how much you know about a certain subject. The template for this kind of quiz is "How much do you Really Know About (blank)?" so that would be "How much do you really know about HFM programming?" or "How much do you really know about farming?"

Part 2: Engage the Audience

Once you have a quiz idea ready to go and have formatted it to fit the two most popular title templates, you have to create questions and actually formulate the quiz. This is where the real magic happens as this question-and-answer banter is what creates the rapport needed to sell products in the next step. 

Creating interaction in a quiz is all about sounding human while still conveying your expertise. You want people to believe the quiz result you give them, so you have to be the authority, but you also have to remember that a quiz is a one-to-one medium and every person taking the quiz is basically having a personal conversation with you. 

The easiest way to accomplish both of these is to just be yourself. That sounds cliche, but what I mean is that you don't need to put on airs for your audience, remember that a quiz is a one-to-one medium, so write the questions like you are asking them of a friend. 

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Part 3: Sell Your Wares

The last and most important part of any quiz is the sale, and by sale I mean generating a new lead that is nurtured along into a paying customer.

Let's break this down into two parts. First, how to use a quiz to generate leads, and second, how to take those leads and gently bring them along to become paying customers. 

A quiz generates leads by placing a "gate" between the questions and the results of the quiz. This gate is optional and asks the quiz taker to input certain information in order to move on to the quiz results.

This method can be incredibly effective, leading to 50 perce or higher conversion rates. However, it can also backfire if not done right. On your lead capture call to action you should offer value apart from just the fact that the quiz results are behind the gate, a discount, an exclusive piece of content, something. You should also be honest about how you'll be contacting new prospects—if you send one email a week then say so directly. 

After you have the leads you'll need to nurture them along into paying customers. This means developing an email marketing automation formula that continues the conversation started in the quiz and eventually sells your product. Below is a 5-step autoresponder program that is based on what I've seen to be successful.

The most important part with marketing automation is to remind people how you have their info, which is why the first email says "Thanks for taking our quiz." This sequence ends with an exclusive offer, which is where the ROI of your quiz comes to fruition. 

Websites don't convert very well, with 97 percentjust leaving without purchasing anything.

Quizzes can help drive more inbound leads, bringing up the conversion rate and driving new cash flow. There is a simple formula for creating these quizzes that you can follow in your business and replicate the same success. Give it a try today.

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