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Creating a video? Awesome. Then you'll want to make sure you're implementing these four tricks to make sure it gets seen by your audience.

Video has fast become a highly popular tool for many businesses to increase brand awareness, inform consumers about their product or service, and bring in more sales.

Which is great news. So long as people can find your video of course.

Now although search engines do like video content, they aren't very good at the whole watching and understanding what that video content is all about.

So you kinda have to spell it out for them, and there are a few tricks that you can do to ensure that your video can be easily found.

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Check out these four ways that'll help you get your video noticed by your audience.

1. Create Quality Content Only

This is an obvious point to make, but so often I see brands pushing out way too much content hoping that it will gain traction, rather than focusing on creating one piece that is packed full of quality. This isn't a great strategy, particularly when it comes to video. In fact, 61 percent of users have actually been put off buying a product after watching a bad explainer video.

So first off, you need to consider the goal of your video. Do you want it to increase conversions? Then you'll want to create a product video. Do you want to increase brand awareness? Then you may consider a video for social. Perhaps you want to build leads? Then it's worth looking at a knowledge video strategy.

Video really can move your audience through the various stages of the buying cycle, so long as you don't try and achieve all goals in one video.

2. Do Keyword Research Surrounding Your Topic

Now that you know what you want your goal to be, the next step would be to do some keyword research. To ensure that you're creating content that tackles both user demand and SEO, a great tool to use would be

Here you'll be able to search for keywords surrounding the theme of your video, and be given a list of questions that get asked that are related to your topic. That way, you know you'll be creating content that is answering a popular question that your audience has, and is also optimized for search.

For example, I've searched for “video marketing” and now I can see various keywords to help me create my content including, "How much does video cost?", or “How does video marketing work?”. This is ideal for attracting an audience that may be interested our services.

Search results for "Video Marketing"

3. Optimize Your Landing Page

Now that you've created a quality video, it's time to give that video a home. Rather than simply uploading it to YouTube and directing traffic there, I'd suggest to place it on your site so that you can enjoy all the benefits that video brings. By creating a dedicated landing page for your video, you'll be able to drive more traffic to your site.

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But how do you create the perfect landing page?

  • Step one: Use the keywords of your video within your headline, the URL, and meta description so that you give some context to the subject of your video.
  • Step two: Write a short summary of what viewers can expect if they were to watch the video. This would be of course to include your keywords, but if the keywords relate to the subject then you should be able to weave them naturally within the text, rather than worrying about stuffing your writing with unnatural sentences.
  • Top tip: Another great option is to include the transcript on the page to further help improve the on-site page SEO.
  • Step three: Social sharing is another factor that is taken into account when ranking your website, so be sure to include social sharing buttons so that your visitors can share your page, helping to boost the traffic visiting your site. Including comments can also help build a community of followers for your brand.
  • Step four: Tag your page with the relevant keywords, and link to any content that is related in order to help visitors navigate around your site.

So your page should look a little like this one below, that's been created by Reelseo.

Reelseo example mock up of what site with video should look like

4. Promote, Promote and Promote Some More

Although optimizing your page is good SEO practice, it's still important to promote your video landing page to help more people find it, which will in-turn boost your traffic and help accelerate your overall website rankings.

A good video promotion strategy should cover the basics; pushing it across your social channels and pay to promote it using retargeting campaigns and display ads. But what happens when you've exhausted your own channels?

This is where outreach comes in. Outreach is a method that involves connecting with bloggers and influencers within your space, and asking them if they would like to share your video. That way, you'll get it in front of a wider audience in order to help promote your content on a larger scale.

If you check out tools such as BuzzSumo, you'll be able to search for influencers within your industry. Alternatively, outreach software such a NinjaOutreach can help you build outreach lists, automate your strategy, and provide you with contact info.

Top tip: Many bloggers and influencers will let you write a guest post for them on their site, which is another great way to promote your content and direct a link back to your video from a highly authoritative source.

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So those are my four top tips to helping drive more traffic to your video. So long as you create a video that your audience wants to consume, you'll have a great starting point to creating a video that will achieve your marketing goals. Good luck.

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