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Goodbye, Excuses: How To Stop Being Lazy And Get Motivated

Business.com / Careers / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Let’s face it, there are times when just about all of us can get bogged down and feel that we are not making any progress in life.

Let’s face it, there are times when just about all of us get bogged down and feel that we are not making any progress in certain areas of our lives.

This could be due to external forces and events totally beyond our control; but, it is actually more than likely that there is something that we could do about such a state of affairs.

Usually, the key to such a change is for us to get off our butts and get ourselves motivated.

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Can We Do It Alone?

What is motivation? According to Webster’s it can be an act, a force, an inspiration, a condition, or, a process that provides a reason for someone to do something.

So, whatever it is that we wish to achieve, we need the stimulus that causes us to do more than mere wishful thinking.

In other words; what will make us get off our butts and start a new project or a new exercise regiment?

For some, willpower can be sufficient to get us truly motivated; but, for many, procrastinating keeps us away from even beginning a new task or going to the gym.

People in this latter state need some external stimulus to get them started, i.e. they need help from outside themselves.

External Motivation

There are many ways in which procrastinators can acquire the necessary external help that they need to achieve their goals.

Envy can even help; constant exposure to someone that used to be in a similar state to yourself but has now bettered themselves can provide the motivational push that you need to follow in their tracks.

This works well for many people. However, all too often, we do not get access to such an example and we are left to our own devices.

We remain in a state of procrastination. If this is the case (and we are really serious about improvement); we might opt to try one of the many motivational self-help books available on the market.

Something along the lines of the fictional, “The Masters of Success” might just get us off our butts and moving forward. 

Individual or Group Coaching 

The trouble with self-help books is that, for them to work, we actually have to read them, understand them, and take in what they are saying.

An avid procrastinator may well grow bored and give up before the end of the first chapter.

Such people might respond better by listening to someone personally; someone who used to be just like them; but, has now got up off his butt and achieved success.

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This can be a life coach, mentor, therapist, friend or group sessions. Try searching online for keywords like Motivational Groups Nearby.

Find someone who is a professional motivational speaker that can help you find the motivation you need to get up off your butt and do something.

Motivational Speaker

If you own a business or work with a group of people, another option to start pumping blood through your teams motivational veins may be to hire a motivational speaker to come motivate you and your team.

Additionally, a motivational speaker devotes much of his or her time to the art of motivation, inspiration, and work/life balance.

Many motivational speakers will provide weekly, bi-weekly or monthly conferences with you.

They will provide motivational materials, stories and inspire you to get off your butt and get motivated.

Additionally, if you can find a good motivational speaker that has a background similar to yours; i.e the same education or worked in the same industry, then they can also help you set goals and meet objectives.

A Few Final Tips

Keep these additional tips in mind while trying to stay motivated.


Sit alone for 10 to 20 minutes every day and plan your day.

By the end of your strategizing session, you will be organized and have a clear plan of what needs to get done.

Organized thoughts can provide clarity that turns into motivation. 

By setting goals and writing them down, you can look back at them to ensure you are staying on track.  

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Set Aside Leisure Time or Time to Meditate 

You will give yourself a boost simply by knowing you have leisure time to look forward to.

Stay Active 

Staying active has been proven to boost levels of creativity, reduce stress and increase confidence, which should certainly help motivate you.

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