Prepare for Lift Off: How To Get Ready To Launch Your Startup / Starting a Business / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Is your startup in getting ready to launch? Here are all of the things you need to consider and decide upon. Prepare for liftoff!

Launching a startup can be quite an exciting thing as many people have never run their own business before.

While this is an exciting time, there is quite a lot of stress and unknown factors if the founder hasn’t taken on starting a business before.

There are plenty of guides online that can help with certain things that every company needs before launching but with each business being different, these are rarely all-inclusive.

The startup world can be a scary place, especially if it is personal money at stake, rather than venture capital money. This begins our investigation of how to get ready for a launch and what a startup will need.

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Choose a Launch Location

Choosing a launch location is quite important as being in the hub of the industry can be both a negative and positive thing.

Being in the hub of the industry keeps a startup present in the minds of others in the industry which could benefit via business relationships.

The location might just overshadow a startup as they have so much competition in the industry hub that they are consistently being beat out by mainstays in the industry.

The other things to consider are the cost of living in the area as well as the talent available in a certain area.

If the demand for a job is low because it is outside of the industry hub, talent can be acquired for a lower price.

The other side of this is the lack of talent can lead a startup to not be able to compete with the competition.

Thoroughly Tested Website

Not having a website that is free of bugs and works on nearly every device can make a legitimate business look phony.

The worst thing that can happen is a tech startup that helps those with websites to have something that looks like it was built in the 1990s.

E-commerce sites should have a great secure payment option as one leak of information can cripple a startup quite quickly.

Many customers are willing to pay a higher dollar amount to know that their payment and personal information will be safe.

Another tip is to not have too much rich media or videos on the homepage as potential customers with slower internet connections are less likely to visit again if the site is slow or freezes their computer.

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Cash Flow

It has been seen all too often that a resort or hotel begins being built but they run out of money and it remains incomplete.

Startups are the same in the sense that if not enough capital is available to keep the business around for a while, it will never reach its full potential and could be bankrupt in a matter of months.

A business loan might have to be considered and there are numerous things that you should know before taking out a loan.

Some include the different loans for different expenses and minimum revenues to qualify for a loan.

Growth might not happen as quickly as predicted, so having more capital than a startup needs and an option for loan, could keep a business that becomes a household name open for a few more months before they get their big break.

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Realistic Projections

Many entrepreneurs run numbers in a perfect world while others plan for the worst case scenario. While the prudent entrepreneurs can still fail, the best case scenario entrepreneurs can still succeed.

The importance of realistic numbers are important if the startup is looking for investors as many investors will look heavily into those numbers.

Overshooting numbers can leave a company bankrupt as well as losing investors’ money and leading others to believe the company is a bad investment.

Plan for the worst and pray for the best is something that smart founders of startups do. Be realistic about projections for the sake of the business and those who invest in the business.

While there are plenty of other things a business needs, these four are absolutely essential. Having these things does not guarantee success but the lack of them could cripple a business soon after the launch.

Running a successful startup can be rewarding both personally as well as financially so set the startup on track for success by doing these things.  

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