Optimizing Workflow: How To Hammer Out The Details to Allow for Increased Sales

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Optimizing processes can be a huge help to a sales team. Here's how to get the details in order to see an increase in sales.

The most successful companies in any industry offer the best products at the right prices but also have their workflow optimized to maximize sales.

The details of contracts or even the information that is gathered before an initial phone call can lead to a fast sale where everyone benefits.

Many businesses look at the actual sales team or the products offered rather than the processes that are put in place.

The sales team or the product can be the problem but without the best process possible, neither of these things can be totally blamed.

The following are some ways to hammer out details and sales at a higher rate.

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Questionnaires can be used in very different ways as some companies put these on the website while others leave to their sales team to send them out.

The gathering of information before a phone call or meeting is set can save time on pitching products that the customer isn’t interested in.

For example, if a SEO company offers web design, content creation, and blog management a customer can fill out one of these three questionnaires.

If the customer only fills out the web design aspect it is important to touch on the other services but not make the main subject of the meeting about this but rather the web design services.

How To Use Questionnaires Efficiently:

  • Ask for main desires the customer has whether it is quantity or quality of product. Some companies offer different levels of services so this is important to differentiate.
  • Do not put all services in one questionnaire as it could confuse a customer.
  • Make these online questionnaires that can be filled out easily. Having a customer email answers rather than just click submit seems prehistoric especially if it is a tech company.
  • Ask the questions that will help clarify what the customer wants exactly. The questionnaire is there to gather information so ask the questions a company wants to know. This could be the length of engagement or something as simple as requiring a weekly or monthly phone call.
  • Finally, asking a customer what their pain point is important as this can be addressed in a meeting or phone call. The pain point could be that the old company they worked with didn’t communicate effectively. This can be a great selling point as during a pitch communication between company and customer can be stressed.

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Confusing Language Should Be Questioned on Contracts

In any industry there will be a fast talking salesperson who has their commission in mind far more than the good of their or the other company.

The business world is full of companies looking to take advantage through tactics like confusing contracts or clauses that a common person couldn’t understand.

It is important to clarify all language before entering into any type of business relationship with another individual or company.

How To Clarify The Language:

  • If the company has a lawyer on retainer as all companies should, send over any type of contract or proposal to make sure the company isn’t signing something that could harm it.
  • Let somebody read the contract who doesn’t have a legal background and ask the company who wrote the contract up to put things in simpler terms.
  • Skip the process of having another company write up a contract or proposal and write it up in house.
  • Simply ask the company in writing whether it is letter or email what a certain section means. In industries like internet marketing some terms can seem like a foreign language.

Having Contracts and Proposals In Templates

If most businesses are being honest, having templates for proposals and contracts saves copious amounts of time.

The drafting up of a proposal shouldn’t take hours but rather be a template that can be filled out in a matter of minutes.

This might not work if the proposal is unlike any a business has sent out before but for a majority of deals this should be a huge time saver.

The ability to send over a proposal in a matter of minutes gives a customer less of a chance to second-guess and the salesperson more of a chance to close quickly.  

Getting and Using These Templates:

  • Looking online for a variety of business proposal templates can easily save smaller companies hours from not having to craft a customized one.
  • If the proposal comes in a PDF form it can be easily edited online and sent back by a customer or client.
  • There are certain services offered that make signing a deal or MSA as simple as clicking a few buttons which sign things electronically. The days of sending proposals back and forth because of missed signatures are done as these documents do not send until all sections are filled out appropriately.

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Streamlining processes and hammering out details will only boost sales. The more efficient processes are the more time the sales and client services team has to focus on the customer.

Before doing a complete overhaul on the sales department, look at the processes put in place and find ways to optimize them.

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