Shake It Up: How to Have Great Web Content in a Boring Industry / Marketing Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Your web content doesn't have to stay within the lines. If your industry is boring, find unique ways to spice things up.

In a world of likes, shares, and exciting YouTube videos, it can be quite discouraging to businesses that aren’t in a stimulating industry.

Even in spite of the lack of excitement, businesses are finding new ways to keep their content fresh and attractive to potential customers.

While it usually requires more creativity to market a naturally unappealing product or service, it is not impossible.

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Take Advantage of Your Opportunity

As a business in a “boring” industry, other companies in the field may feel boring, too. Therefore, you have a special advantage. Your competitors may not feel any urgency to invest in content marketing. Because of this, you’ll face less competition for topics and keywords specific to your industry. It gives you an opportunity to carve out a niche online with less competition.

Inform Your People 

One way to be relevant to your audience without doing an inordinate amount of work or changing your format is to inform your audience. Since you may be one of just a few sites out there, you can now become an industry expert to the public. Customers in our technological era love relevant data and valuable insights.

A great way to do this is through visual aids. Charts, infographics, images, and videos are all ways to frame your data in an appealing manner. Generally speaking, Tweets that have images attached receive 18 percent more clicks, 89 percent more likes, and 150 percent more retweets. Imagery gives another dimension to your data that is likely to attract customers and get them to share this information with others.

Another way to be informative is to tie in relevant news stories. We live in an era of a 24/7 news cycle. While your story may not directly relate to your product or service, there can be an indirect correlation. For instance, if you’re selling wire, find a story where your particular wire could have been used to avert the disaster at hand.

Be Relevant

It can be an easy temptation to create content to fill up web pages. However, if it’s irrelevant, you’re not going to see the customer conversion you want. While it creates web traffic to your site, it doesn’t give potential customers the information they really need. You want to attract customers, not just traffic.

In keeping with being relevant, you need to know your target audience. While this may seem like a basic marketing concept, it can seem difficult in these “boring” industries. Knowing your target audience can affect decisions from the type of content you put out down to the color scheme on your website.

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Knowing your target audience will help you resonate with them. You don’t want to have blogs and stories about the stock market if your target audience are teenagers or soccer moms. However, stock market stories are great if your target audience is middle-aged males, financial consultants, or those concerned about retirement. Connecting with your audience and speaking on their level gives depth to your content marketing.

If your target audience isn’t academic, it’s okay to write how you speak. Often, our writing style differs from our conversational style, mainly due to how we were taught to properly write in school. However, effective content marketing includes a conversational tone that injects things such as personality, humor, and emotion. Your target audience is more likely to buy from you if they feel like you’re having a conversation with them.

Get to the Point

Rambling is one of the deadly sins of web content. Web surfers are in scan mode. They scan the page to see if they are on the right site and continue from there. You need to appeal to this short attention span. Use action words. Use shorter sentences. Break your content up into smaller paragraphs. Use bulleted lists. Mix it up from time to time.

Make It Shareable

Social media is a part of our everyday lives. While it used to be just for personal use, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others are amazing marketing tools. Since so many of us use social media daily and trust our friends, making your content shareable is crucial. We trust our friends, so if they share something or recommend a product, we’ll probably check it out.

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Here are a few ways to make your content visible on social media:

  • Watch the clock. Different industries have different times of day when it’s best to share information and optimize views. Generally, people are more receptive on evenings and weekends when they’re not working.
  • Don’t wait for others to share your material. Take your own material, and post it on various platforms.
  • Facebook is very popular, so having a Facebook page to share content is important.

Whether or not you think your industry is exciting, with great and relevant marketing, your company can have incredible results. Be relevant and excited about your product or service. Optimize your SEO. Make the content shareable. These things will help your audience connect to you and your product.


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