Extra, Extra: How To Implement Policies That Can Also Be a PR Dream

Business.com / PR / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Policies shouldn’t be implemented just to gain public favor but this should be a factor when deciding between one policy and another.

There are times when a business can implement policies that make them a target for the public.

On the other hand there are policies that gain customer loyalty and public favor.

The public relations department will be able to take advantage of this and thus it will make their jobs much more manageable.

Policies shouldn’t be implemented just to gain public favor but this should be a factor when deciding between one policy and another.

The following are some policies that make a PR team’s job just a bit easier and these policies can be implemented at nearly every company.

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No Outsourcing

Many companies outsource at least a bit of the production or work to another company or contractors. In the United States there has been a growing PR push for those who do not outsource to other countries.

Preserving American jobs can have others viewing the company as patriotic and caring about their main customers who are the American people, and the economy.

The fact is that there are some things and jobs that can be outsourced for a cheaper price. The sacrifice of this money to keep the jobs in the country is something that many people agree with and can build customer loyalty because of this.

The definition of a win-win situation is a company that doesn’t outsource out of the country because it is cheaper, and makes that information public knowledge to their customers.

Green Initiatives

There have been corporate juggernauts like Walmart that have implemented green initiatives that were not only a PR departments dream but that initiative also saved the company millions of dollars.

A great team will be able to subtly mention the green initiative so it doesn’t look like it is a PR move but lets people know the company cares about the environment.

Another benefit to going green is that there are government grants given to companies that adhere to certain restrictions of energy or resource consumption.

Generous Maternity Leave

Each company has a different maternity leave policy with some being extremely generous. Not only will this build loyalty among employees but it could attract talent that are planning to have a child within the next few years.

Netflix is a great example as they have unlimited parental leave for the first year after the child is born. Not only is this covered in the local media but it will increase the amount of qualified employees that apply for open jobs.

While some companies may have a daycare facility in the building, there is nothing like spending time with a new child at home without the stress of rushing back to work.

Companies that have policies that attend to employees as a person and not just another paycheck grow favor with the public as well as their employees.

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Limit Social Media Use

The real dream of a public relations department is one where they do not have to clean up a business’ reputation after an employee has posted something questionable on social media.

While employees should be able to have social media accounts, it is important for them to have a professional account and a personal account.

On the personal account, advise them to be careful but also let them know to not show any affiliation with the company in case something questionable to posted.

Social media is important when staying in touch with clients, so banning social media use just isn’t realistic in many industries.

The public relations team has a hard time in some industries finding things that will help boost customer or brand loyalty.

Implementing a few policies a year that can help that team will be invaluable. Whether it is requiring a day of community service instead of work or simply just making things more comfortable for everyone, it can garner favor with a target audience very quickly.

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Take advantage of a few of these policies but make sure to modify them to the company unique culture. Simply copying a policy might not be a wise choice for every business. 

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