How to Increase Business Agility with Cloud Technology

By Editorial Staff / Business Intelligence / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

The flexibility and customization capabilities that come with systems based in the cloud can increase business agility and security.

The structure of cloud computing provides businesses with particular advantages that may not be available through other technology options. Small businesses are often looking for ways to make the most of big business technology and cloud-based solutions enable them to do so. The flexibility and customization capabilities that come with systems based in the cloud can increase business agility and security while decreasing costs. Here are the cloud system features that enable your business to be as agile as possible.

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On-Demand Scalability

As storage requirements increase, cloud users can upgrade their current plan, or contract a new one, with their provider and get the additional space they need without having to invest in new hardware and infrastructure. The stress of finding available space or conducting purchase research within short time frames is greatly reduced. As your business scales, all that’s needed is a call or email to your cloud services provider and instantly your need for increased storage or upgrade is made possible. In a similar process, if your business downscales, your cloud services can too.

Data Availability

Cloud providers can offer more points of access to businesses VPN (virtual private network), even during times of peak demand, at a much lower cost than is often available via independent networks. The types of access can also be increased, allowing businesses such as yours access to data from more locations. If your team is on the road on a regular basis or you have a number of telecommuters who need access to internal systems and client information while on-the-go, cloud provides your team with the data, no matter where they are. Employees can also access information using devices such as smartphones and tablets to share documents and other files to support both internal and external collaboration.

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Greater Security

Mirrored servers and multiple physical locations allow providers, and their users, greater protection against loss of service or data due to a physical disaster. Some cloud service providers also have higher levels of anti-virus and anti-intrusion protection than you would have if you had a stand-alone system. The ability to reimage or remove all information from one server and simultaneously get it up and running another server in the cloud can make it more difficult for hackers and cyber-criminals to be successful in their attacks.

Easier Updates

Cloud providers are able to offer higher frequencies of software updates and a wide range of software options to clients. You’ll have the ability to test different solutions much more easily and often times with less of an investment. The automated updates that cloud systems provide take manual, time-consuming process and automate them. Your IT team and employees using the service won’t have to worry about directing their focus away from the core of their responsibilities. Experts, whose specialties are cloud service management, will handle the maintenance and updates that would normally distract your in-house technical team.

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The competition increase among cloud services providers drives them to offer more options and features that meet customer needs. In many cases, businesses want to offer competitive pricing and are often flexible in their models and contracts so that they can appeal to as wide an audience as possible. The automation, in terms of maintenance and upgrades, allows your business to operate with even more flexibility.

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