How to Make Native Video Part of Your Social Media Strategy / Social Media / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Uploading video onto Facebook can significantly improve your social media results. Here's how to do it right.

In 2014, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made a prediction that is turning into reality. He said in five years, FB would be mostly video.

At that time, the company hosted around one billion daily views. By the end of 2015, they were reporting eight billion views every single day on Facebook.

Other mainstream sites like Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr were quick to jump on the video bandwagon, as well.

What this means to the business to community sector is you better have native video in your future plans at some point if you want to stay current.

What Is Native Video?

What do marketing experts mean when they say “native” video? Native video is something you upload directly onto your social media page. It would be the opposite of a YouTube embedded video. Does it matter which type video you use native vs. embedded? The short answer is yes, especially on Facebook. The social media giant clearly favors native video. They made an announcement that they would limit the reach of third-party images and at least one study shows that includes videos.

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What to Look for in a Native Video?

What makes for a successful social media video? For one thing, it needs to be effective without sound. Some social media platforms like Facebook rely on autoplay, which means the first look the viewer gets is soundless. Your video needs to grab their attention even though there is no audio. Make the first frame count.

Again, autoplay is a tool you need to use when creating videos. That first frame is your hook. It takes just a few seconds for a viewer to either click to see more or keep scrolling. Add some written word to heighten the effect. Words on the screen will grab their attention long enough to get them to stop. Your text could be annotations that provide information about the company, product or other social media sites.

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The annotations should be in the first frame so a viewer scrolling down will see them even if they don’t stop to watch the show.

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How to Get the Most From Native Videos

Once, you create the video, how do you use it? It is going to take some trial and error to figure what will work for your company. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Use native video as a preview tool: The shorter the video the better, so post the longer videos on YouTube or directly on your website. Create a native video as a teaser that makes the audience want to see more.
  • Keep your videos informative and entertaining: Consistency matters in social media, so post often and make quality a priority. You are taking up space on your viewer’s newsfeed and likely using bandwidth for autoplay, so keep it entertaining, as well. Make sure they feel like what you took from them was worth it.
  • Go live when possible: Nothing says watch me quite like live video and Facebook now offers this feature. Use it to showcase your brand at conventions and other events. You can also record videos at the same time to post later.
  • Use the video tab on Facebook: The video tab on FB serves as a library, so your viewers can watch anything they have missed. Use the playlist function there to batch like videos together in a series. You can also highlight a video to be featured at the top of the page.

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Zuckerberg wasn’t wrong when he made his 2014 prediction. Native video is having an impact in almost every industry. How are going to use it when planning your social media strategy?

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