How to Market a Law Firm and Gain Exposure / Legal / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Marketing in the legal profession doesn't have to be complicated, but it can be hard to know where to start. Start with these tips.

The days of only advertising on billboards or on bus benches are over as there is a myriad of other ways a law firm can market more efficiently.

Some law firms like those that specialize in product liability or personal injury might have a larger budget than those that specialize in bankruptcy law or criminal law.

Regardless of the budget law firms need to have a presence both online and offline. Different areas of law should have different strategies as these areas might convert in different areas of their marketing.

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Take on a High Profile Case

Taking on a high profile case is a great way to get exposure for a law firm. It is important to pick this case carefully as representing a person or company that doesn’t have public favor can blacklist a law firm with the public. For example, taking a case of a wrongly accused person that has the backing of the public can be a huge win as the media exposure is a great marketing win.

High profile names are called to give their takes on public cases later down the line as well by local news stations. This residual exposure will keep the firm’s name fresh in the public’s mind which is a huge advantage if there comes a time viewers need a lawyer. This can be a double-edged sword though as losing a high profile case can have a negative impact on the brand of a law firm.  

Offer Legal Resources

The blog of the law firm is a great place to show off legal knowledge while also helping readers. Topics that deal with child custody or DUI charges can be something a potential client could find useful. These can also be referenced by those talking about location specific procedures online or even in a newspaper article. Being able to advise potential clients boosts the chances of the lead turning into a conversion.

How to offer these resources in the best possible way:  

  • Cover topics that the firm specializes in and those areas in which the firm needs to boost caseloads.
  • Give a step by step guide in what has to be done in certain situations. A potential client might see the work that has to be done and then hire a lawyer instead of trying to take care of it themselves.
  • Ask commenters with questions what topics they would like covered. Building a personal relationship through engagement can be a great way to convert a reader into a client in the future.

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SEO Work Is Essential

Law firms not using any kind of SEO could be missing out on quite a few cases over the course of a year. Ranking for things like “personal injury Tampa” is important as people search for location specific terms when dealing with legal or civil cases. There are certain marketing companies that work exclusively with law firms but hiring one should not be done hastily.

Ask for results that are quantitative rather than qualitative as new clients and leads are the goals of the marketing campaigns. Law firms can hire somebody  in-house but make no mistake, SEO is a full-time job especially in the cases of personal injury law firms who can employ an entire SEO team.

Things to have for a solid SEO strategy:

  • Knowing what keywords to target is important. Then knowing which ones convert can help shape the link building campaign.
  • Have the firm’s website optimized for SEO with the correct tags. These sites are quite affordable to have built as many web designers have adapted to building websites with strong SEO attributes.
  • Use content to help the firm build links, as mentioned above legal resources commonly are used as resources in online publications with a link as reference.
  • Creating social media profiles is important as sometimes this can be one of the first things that shows up when searching certain keywords.
  • Engagement with readers or those on social media is something that Google is looking for in a larger way than ever.

Review Sites

There are plenty of different review sites where lawyers are rated. While a firm shouldn’t constantly bug clients for reviews, they should make them aware of the places they can do so. People trust these review sites more than testimonials on a website as no firm is going to put a negative review on their site.

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More than 80 percent of people check these reviews before even contacting a lawyer or firm. Not even claiming any of these pages shows a lack of care in what former clients have thought about them. This would be the equivalent of a restaurant not even claiming their page on Yelp to respond to negative reviews as well as thanking customers for positive reviews.

Law firms have to market as case results just aren’t enough because some firms do not offer these at all. Make sure that data is gathered showing which methods create the best results for the cheapest price. The marketing strategy can be modified according to this in the future. Keeping evolving a firm’s marketing to stay ahead of the curve and most important get clients that would have gone to competing law firms.

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