Mari Minute: How to Bring Local Traffic Into Your Store Using Facebook / Business Solutions / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Thanks to Facebook, there are lots of new ways to bring customers into local businesses. Learn them in the latest #MariMinute!

Local brick and mortar small businesses climb an uphill battle everyday, but thanks to Facebook, there are some exciting new ways to bring customers in the door. 

This week’s Mari Minute question comes from a Florida-based furniture and art store. Owner James Oriani asked, “what’s your number one Facebook recommendation for local brick and mortar small business retailers?”

Lucky for James, I have three super recommendations for harnessing the power of Facebook. 

Beckoning Beacons

All hail the power of beacons! One of technology’s coolest revelations in the past few years are beacons, which use Bluetooth technology to communicate with your shoppers smartphones when they’re in or near your store. You can request a beacon device from Facebook and begin connecting with customers.

Local Awareness Ads

Another great option for local businesses looking to attract new customers are local awareness ads. These allow you to geotarget the local audience in the newsfeed or the right rail. They're a great way to get your business attention. One thing to be aware of with these is that impressions are a better indicator of success than clicks. 

Shop Through Facebook

Want to sell to customers directly through Facebook? That is now an option with "shop." This means that customers can now purchase directly from Facebook through your page—pretty amazing, right? Apps like Shopify also allow you to offer products directly through your page, if shop is not currently available to you.

With so many great options for local businesses, the power of Facebook marketing is truly worth investing in. 

Tune in next Wednesday for the next #MariMinute!

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