How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Business Page / Marketing Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

LinkedIn isn't just for your personal professional network. Here are the undeniable reasons you need a LinkedIn business page.

LinkedIn isn’t just for your personal network; this powerful professional network can be leveraged to boost your business as well.

A strong professional brand will provide you with numerous resources, help your company stand out and keep you informed on what is happening in your industry. It can also be a great resource for hiring, marketing and potentially even in-bound sales as you form relationships and get involved in relevant conversations through this diverse platform.

Here are 3 ways every small business can make their LinkedIn business page a resourceful, effective asset.

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1. It will help you with hiring

Even if you aren’t currently hiring, your business will benefit from keeping an updated, engaging LinkedIn profile for your brand. It is important for any small business to have an online presence.

A branded LinkedIn page for your business will help you stay connected and informed of trends in your market’s employment field, job postings from other competitors or similar industries you can stay apprised of and keep you in conversations with your future potential workforce.

You can also use your LinkedIn small business page to build relationships with others in your industry. Prospective hires may take notice of your business long before they reach out to you directly, so it’s a great way to keep conversations going with passive candidates that could become active when you’re ready to hire.

Even if you aren’t currently hiring, your business will benefit from keeping an updated, engaging LinkedIn profile for your brand.

When you are ready to start looking for potential employees, utilize the LinkedIn search function to find contacts in your industry and location to do some active recruiting vs. simply posting job descriptions alone.

When it is time to hire, you will also be able to post an open position using LinkedIn Jobs, which will allow you to set parameters to search for a targeted set of applicants. You will be able to view applicants’ profiles immediately and also see what potential applicants have viewed your job posting. LinkedIn guarantees a minimum of ten applicants per posting, so it can be a great way for a small business to leverage more target hiring tactics than a Craigslist or Want Ad post alone.

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2. It will help you with sales

Although not through direct sales, LinkedIn will help you build relationships through the content you provide with potential vendors, partners and most importantly, clients.

LinkedIn allows you to publish content and share it to those in your professional network. This is a great way to build trust for your brand. In the current era of social media, passive social selling is becoming another effective online marketing tool your business can utilize. LinkedIn recognizes this and offers businesses a service called Sales Navigator, which allows you to search with specific filters to identify high quality sales leads.

LinkedIn has over 347 million members; that is a large pool of potential customers and professional connections. LinkedIn Ads gives businesses the opportunity to advertise to a targeted professional audience on LinkedIn, although they can be costly, so investigate costs before you commit to this tactic.

LinkedIn sales navigator allows you to search with specific filters to identify high quality sales leads.

3. It will help you with press opportunities

Not only does LinkedIn provide you with hiring and sales opportunities, it is a great place to inform your professional network of recent news and updated information. LinkedIn Groups are an excellent opportunity to gain familiarity within your industry or specific interest. You will be able to search for an established group or create your own professional group.

Being a part of a group gives your small business an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise and share pertinent information, which can potentially land you with press. Not just press releases, but to be cited and referenced as an expert source in your field. According to LinkedIn, each connection you make is on average connected to another 110 professionals.

By sharing your expertise and providing regular, relevant industry content on LinkedIn, you will be reaching a substantial number of like-minded professionals. A strong professional brand on LinkedIn will help your small business stand out and offers many opportunities.

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