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How to Proficiently Start & Run a Catering Business

Charles Crawford

If truth be told, catering business stays in demand throughout the year. Either it’s a birthday party, a marriage ceremony or an anniversary celebration, catering is always necessary.

Every host would like to specify a menu and ensure that it is served perfectly to the guests. The occasion might be casual or formal; catering is a must for all gatherings.

So, if you are planning to start your own business, you need to consider the catering business plus reputation and experience of catering equipment suppliers critically.

It’s a fact that a business which is in demand will make better money and a steady income. So, before you start a new catering business it is significant to keep in mind some tips and tricks for you to succeed.

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Before getting into the catering business, it is necessary that you have some prior knowledge of cooking food. It is not compulsory that you are a good cook, but if that’s so, it might be a huge bonus and you don’t need to hire a professional cook. However, you must be creative enough to give a good idea about food preparation as businesses involves a lot of art in addition to science.


Another most important thing that you need to consider before starting a catering business is to get a good idea about catering supplies such as tables, chairs, clothes, centerpieces, dinnerwares, food warmers, fuels and much more. Moreover, you need a mini van that could keep you in good stead as the business involves continuous movement of supplies from your storage to the catering sites/venues where the catering needs to be done.


Now comes another significant aspect, which is hiring the right people. When it comes to the catering business, manpower, and their skills play a major role. Besides preparing and serving delicious dishes, pleasing the host and his/her guest is a major responsibility but you also need to check that the stewards, waiters, and waitresses you hire have a pleasant personality and offer professional service. As we all know that customer service is of prime importance, especially if you want that your clients keep coming back to you.


Before embarking on to a new business, try to make sure that you have the right amount of capital. Actually, catering business is not enormously capital intensive, but keeping an adequate amount of working capital to surge you through the first few orders is being practical. Like other businesses, catering business also has its highs and lows and it is fundamental to be aware of the importance of financial implications.


No doubt, marketing is a very critical aspect of any business and so it is for catering business too. It’s very important for your catering business to get marketed properly, mainly in the local clientele. And if you have a brand new catering business, it is vital to ensure that you insert some brochures and pamphlets in local newspapers and social gatherings.

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Required Catering Equipment

Now you need to determine what type of catering equipment you need for your service business. If you want a constant support, you should pick the best quality catering equipment. For instance, if you are planning to cater a wedding event, you have to choose the supplies accordingly so that you effectively target the right equipment you actually want and get rid of the unwanted ones that are not required in your catering business.

Catering Fridges/Freezers

Now you require catering equipment so that you can store your food at optimum temperature. This is considerably essential since you don’t want all your money and hard work to become a failure. When it comes to the good storage equipment, no doubt it will go far off in making your food last longer. Having great commercial catering freezer or fridge will ensure that the products are stored at premium temperatures. 

Moreover, you need  to identify the type of freezer that best suits your business requirements. There are chest freezers, countertops, glass door freezers, and walk-in freezers and a lot more. You will have to choose the right model from a reliable manufacturer. Though, there are too many options out there, so, it's always best to choose the one that will serve your business best.

Food Prep Counter Fridges

If you own a food-related or catering business, then you might perfectly understand the importance of having right refrigeration equipment such as a food prep counter fridge for your outlet. It is a fully featured commercial appliance with a food prep counter on its top and an under counter fridge, specially designed as per the latest refrigeration standards.

Catering Supplies

Whenever you say, raw materials, it includes fresh fruits, vegetables, and even raw meat. You can be easily sourced from all the supermarkets and markets. Moreover, there are several websites that are also providing this service. Of course, the best culinary supplies and equipment will also be required to prepare these raw materials.

You should have the exact equipment when you need them, ranging from the knives, slicers, pots and pans. Having the precise catering supplies and using them correctly at the right time will allow you to provide your catering services in a professional manner that will make you stand up in front of other catering service providers. This way, you'll get more clients and ultimately more business.

Have you heard an old saying "don't judge the book by its cover"? Well, this does not apply here. Always expect your cutlery, tools and the foods you prepare to be the means by which you will be judged by the customers.

You should aspire to perfection, from the forks and knives you use to the table cloths and glasses you have. In fact, when customers see you turn out a flawless and professional catering service, they are more likely to flock to your doorstep. Serving the cooked food has to be clean and tidy as well.

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The catering business is something which is beyond the preparation of delicious food only. It is significant that you are perfect both in the preparation and the presentation of the food. You will only be putting your name and your money at risk if you fail to come up with high-quality catering supplies to use in your catering business.

If you purchase a low-quality freezer, it will only result in destroyed or spoiled raw materials and if you replace all that ruined raw material, it will cost you big bucks. Moreover, the broken slicer will also cost you a lot of time because then you'd have to do the manual slicing and the results won't be as professional as when a high-quality slicer will be used.

Always expect your cutlery, tools and the foods you prepare to be the means by which you will be judged by the customers. You should aspire to perfection, from the forks and knives you use to the glasses and tablecloths you have. In fact, when customers see you turn out a flawless and professional catering service, they are more likely to gather on your doorway. Serving the cooked food has to be clean and tidy as well.

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