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How to Really Optimize Your Social Media Ad Campaigns for Mobile Devices

By Ann Smarty, Last Modified
May 23, 2016
> Marketing

Early this year, mobile technology company Blackberry released a survey that claimed 26 percent of the entire world population was using mobile social media.

To put that into perspective, there are currently 7.125 billion people on planet Earth as of a census done in 2013.

Let's round that down to an even seven billion. A 26 percent share of those people would be 1,820,000,000. On the social web, 1,820,000,000 are looking at social media websites through web versions and apps.

Just imagine for a second that you manage to reach one percent of that user base with your social media ad campaigns. That is a reach of 18,200,000.

Best of all, that number of impressions is not wishful thinking. Companies do it all the time; McDonald's has around 70 million followers across their platforms, and growing. Which doesn't even look at their other metrics, such as engagement and conversions.

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The Mobile Revolution

Ten years ago the common advice was to start considering mobile web design, but only a fraction of brands were really taking it seriously. These days, with Google pushing to mobile optimization, having a mobile app and responsive web design are pretty much requirements, and anyone who didn't would be held up as a laughable example.

Social media is likewise a powerhouse, and whole businesses can be made or broken from a platform like Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram. Some of the most influential people in the world got their start on social sites, like Justin Bieber, for example.

Others have made major comebacks on the backs of their profiles, like George Takei. Websites like Buzzfeed exploit social media to drive profits through their actual site.

It is time to start putting some real thought and effort into your mobile social media ads. That means optimizing them for the growing audience of viewers.

Here are some must-follow tips and tricks.

Make Your Images Bold and Clear

A mobile screen has limited space, and images aren't always going to come out clear when shoved into the corner of one. I have lost count of the times I have been on Facebook, going through my feed, and I see an ad that looks like meshed objects and colors with no reason shape.

I never bother to try and find out what they are selling. Why would I be interested in that?

Bold, bright colors, or black and white striking images will catch the eye. They shouldn't be too busy, and have a primary focus instead of several. The working should be clear and concise, and so easy to read on any sized screen.

Try Video Slideshows

I don't know about you, but I personally hate video ads. They are annoying to load, and just too loud. Most users seem to avoid them, which makes them less than effective. If you have been using video ads and are seeing less than stellar results, it might be time to can them.

However, that doesn't mean you can't post a slideshow that actually gets the job done. Sans the sound, relevant images are a great compromise that are faster to load, and less likely to annoy the customer.

Ask and Answer Questions

The difference between a good and a bad ad: Good ads solve problems. This is especially true for social media where ads actually break the user's private experience (talking to friends). Ads should be part of natural context: They should address and solve routine problems to engage users.

SERPstat makes a great Q&A research tool giving you a ton of ideas on what people ask in your niche.

Optimize for Cellular Connection

Cellular phone Internet connection is not stable. If a person clicks your social media ad using a mobile phone and then has trouble loading your landing page: That's lost money.

Your landing page should be mobile-friendly and fast. Optimize your images to load faster and use the variety of tools to check your page speed and improve its performance.

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Don't Get Discouraged

Your first social media ads optimized for mobile might not bring in the flocks you are hoping for. But this is one area where trial and error are really needed. It isn't like in other forms of traditional advertising where market research is going to be your ace in the hole. You are dealing with a whole new medium, and the rules are a little different.

Even when you begin to see success, always be tweaking and testing. The social web changes ridiculously fast. Just when you find something that works, you may find yourself losing those conversions. Keep at it, and don't get discouraged.

Tools for Social Media Ad Campaigns Optimized for Mobile


Built for agencies rather than individual marketers, if you need something with real fire power, Upcast is a great option. They promise enhanced results with increased engagement, while decreasing the average cost-per-click by as much as 86 percent. All while streamlining your campaign to be more self-sufficient, and eliminating much of the headache involved.

Of course, being for enterprises and agencies means a steep price for the tool. But if you don't mind an investment, it could be for you.

For those of us without a heavy marketing budget at our disposal, there is Social AdsTool. It is a simpler, but still effective, Facebook ads dashboard and status editor. They also have Social Stats, which allows you to search out and use the various statistics associated with your user base.

Together they make a powerful combination that fits within the average (limited) budget.

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You pretty much have to have social mobile ads these days. But you have to make sure you are doing them right, or the work - and cost - will have been for nothing. A bit of testing, tweaking, analytics and the right tools can work wonders.

Ann Smarty
Ann Smarty
See Ann Smarty's Profile
Ann Smarty is the social media enthusiast and active blogger writing about Internet marketing, search and social trends and productivity. Ann is the founder of, co-founder of Viral Content Buzz and Brand and Community manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas. Ann is also an active columnist at Search Engine Journal, Small Biz Trends, Lifehack and many others.
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