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How to Spot A-Lister Employees From Their Resume

By Rahul Varshneya, Last Modified
Nov 05, 2018
> Business Basics

Finding the right candidates to work for your company is a process that every entrepreneur ultimately faces if they want their business to grow. But finding top candidates is challenging.

In fact, a Glassdoor report revealed that attracting quality candidates is a problem for about 75 percent of companies. Thus, it's important to know how to spot A-listers. Here's how you can hone that skill.

1. Determine if they meet (or exceed) your preferences.

It's a given that potential job candidates should meet your basic requirements. But if you want to have an army of A-lister employees, you have to go for the ones that have the preferred skills you desire.

That means you should also have an open mind about the process and consider candidates who offer skills you may not have listed but can use in the future as your company grows, such as UI/UX designer candidates who also have experience with machine learning or marketing.

2. Pay attention to challenges.

Challenges and contests are some great ways to hire A-lister employees. For example, you can find great software developers for your startup by attending coding challenges and hackathons. If you notice contests and challenges listed on the resume, consider selecting these candidates for your interview pool.

3. Note their achievements.

An A-lister candidate lists not only the tasks she has done for her past jobs but the goals she's achieved as well. She's able to quantify her performance using key metrics. Look for accomplishments that sum up the candidate's performance in a numerical format. For instance, look for a percentage of revenue increase for a project or how many readers the candidate grew her company's blog readership based on a marketing campaign she spearheaded.

4. Look for a modern resume template.

Top candidates leverage great resume templates that are hybrids of traditional and modern resume formats to better showcase their skills. It's crucial to use a good resume template, because it helps optimize the resume to use keywords that fit the job description and it works across different industries.

This makes it easier for recruiters that use tracking systems to find a better selection of candidates during the initial resume-screening process. Leverage this technology when looking for top candidates so you can save time. It'll help you be more effective with your search so you can avoid candidates who don't meet your basic requirements.

5. Consider their patterns.

A-lister talent often demonstrates patterns that show consistency in career progression and skills development. Pay attention to how often the candidate switches jobs and the responsibilities they list.

For example, a top marketing candidate may not work at the same job for 10 years, but he may demonstrate a natural career progression that provides extensive experience, such as going from marketing coordinator to marketing manager and progressing to a director role. Consider the last role they had and determine if their experience is relevant to the position you're trying to fill.

Also, consider the versatility of the candidate and whether or not they are a fit for the organization. Look at the candidate's past job responsibilities and titles and determine if they have worked in different industries as these can be good indications of their potential to drive value and impact for your business as it grows.

Rahul Varshneya
Rahul Varshneya
See Rahul Varshneya's Profile
Rahul Varshneya is the co-founder of Arkenea, a custom software development company that builds custom mobile and web apps for entrepreneurs and enterprises. Rahul has been featured as a business technology thought leader in numerous media channels such as Bloomberg TV, Forbes, HuffPost, Inc, among others. He is a columnist at Entrepreneur and has written for Forbes, Inc and HuffPost in the past.
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