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How to Start a $100k Blog with $0 in Startup Capital: 7 Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Secrets

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May 23, 2016
> Business Basics

Businesses know by now that their own success is at least partially determinant on the success of their blog.

There is simply no denying the fact that blogs help businesses grow, and it shows in statistics.

Marketers who prioritize blogging are 13x more likely to receive positive ROI (Return On Investment) than those who don’t. Why is that?

If you think about it, it makes total and complete sense. Consistent blogging allows businesses to reach out to potential customers they may not have been able to reach otherwise.

It’s a form of ‘free advertising’, if you will, and allows a business to push their brand without bulky ads and annoying popups. But what if you aren’t a business? What if you’re just a regular person who wants to give blogging a try? Believe it or not, you can still have a positive ROI.

Blogging was once largely considered a hobby. That has all changed in recent years, however, and it is now estimated that people will manage 85 percent of their relationships without ever actually talking to a human by the year 2020.

Technology, and blogging in particular, represent the future, and now more than ever bloggers are reaping the benefits of their efforts. It is entirely possible to make six-figure digits solely through blogging, and several bloggers out there are living proof of it.

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How to Start a Blog That Makes $100k/Month

You can be one of them. All you have to do is take a look at what already-successful entrepreneurs are doing to make money, then do it for yourself. Each of the bloggers below have managed to turn blogs they started only a couple years ago into income streams of $4,000 to $100,000 per month. And here’s how…

Pat Flynn of

Income Breakdown of blog earnings for Pat Flynn

April of 2016

Monthly income: $166,123.99

Monetization methods: By taking a look at Pat’s most recent income report, we can determine several things. The bulk majority of his monthly earnings come from his affiliations with other companies. As a matter of fact, his affiliation with BlueHost, a popular web hosting service among bloggers, makes up over $58,000 of his $166,000 monthly profit.

He also earns a great deal of money by licensing his self-made podcast player, Smart Podcast Player, out to other podcasters, which makes up over $12,000 of his monthly earnings. Lastly, his Smart Passive Income podcast is sponsored by three backers (ZipRecruiter, Fresh Books, and MileIQ), and that makes up over $9,000 of his monthly income.

How you can make money like Pat:

  • Become a BlueHost affiliate here.
  • Solve a problem with a self-made product. Pat saw flaws in the way his podcasts were being played and wanted to improve front-end experience for his listeners, so he created his own podcast player and now licenses it as passive income.
  • Start a podcast and welcome sponsorships from willing businesses. Pat suggests that you only affiliate yourself with products and companies you are familiar with and support yourself.

Melyssa Griffin of

Income Breakdown of blog earnings for Melyssa Griffin

Most recent income report: March of 2016

Monthly income: $103,521.00

Monetization methods: The bulk majority of Melyssa’s monthly earnings came from the re-launch of her e-class, Pinfinite Growth. The class, which boasts to help its students learn how to infinitely grow their own traffic and email lists by using Pinterest, earned Melyssa $56,832 in the month of March alone. Enrollment costs students $347. She also earned an additional $23,000 through webinar revenue.

How you can make money like Melyssa:

  • Create an online course that you know your audience will be willing to pay money for. The best tip I can offer is to take a look at which of your blog posts have seen the most success (What drummed up the most conversation in the comments section? What has the most social media shares?), then base your online course around that particular subject.

Michelle Schroeder of

Income Breakdown of blog earnings for Michelle Schroeder

Most recent income report: April of 2016

Monthly income: $71,761.30

Monetization methods: Nearly $55,000 of her monthly profits come from affiliate marketing.Like Pat, Michelle makes a lot of her money from BlueHost, with good reason, too. The webhosting company has an affiliate model that is difficult to beat for bloggers with a decent sized following.

Here’s how it works: after you sign up to become an affiliate, you make a post detailing how to start a blog in which you plug BlueHost into the tutorial. For a great example of this, check out Michelle’s post on how to start a blog here.

Then, for every person who signs up for BlueHost under your link, you receive $65. Forever. It’s that easy. That passive income technique earned Michelle $43,250 in the month of April alone. Beyond that, Michelle earned nearly $7,000 from various survey companies, and $14,500 from undisclosed sponsorships.

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How you can make money like Michelle:

Lindsay Ostrom of

Income Breakdown of blog earnings for Lindsay Ostrom

Most recent income report: March of 2016

Monthly income: $58,061.81

Monetization methods: Lindsay’s most successful business venture for the month of March was her involvement with AdThrive, which provided nearly half of her monthly earnings at $23,791.85. Her second most successful monetization method derived from her ebook, Tasty Food Photography, which provided her with over $8,500 in profit during that month.

Like Pat Flynn and Michelle Schroeder, Lindsay is also an avid Bluehost affiliate, and earns $6,900 per month from her ‘how to start a food blog’ post located here. How you can make money like Lindsay:

  • Join AdThrive here.
  • Become a Bluehost affiliate here.
  • It’s also worth noting that you can become a Tasty Food Photography affiliate if you’re interested. For more information, check out this link.

Abby Lawson of

Income Breakdown of blog earnings for Abby Lawson

Most recent income report: February of 2016

Monthly income: $36,234.00

Monetization methods: Abby’s main venue for monthly income derives from self-made products that she sells both on her own website and on Amazon. As a matter of fact, nearly one-third of her monthly revenue comes from just one of her three ebooks, Framework.

Her two other ebooks, titled Simplify and Paperless Home respectively, earned her a combined total of $2,770 in the month of February. She, like the other bloggers on this list, is also a Bluehost affiliate and earned an impressive $8,645 of passive income thanks to her ‘how to start a blog’ post located here.

How you can make money like Abby:

Matthew Woodward of

Income Earnings of blog earnings for Matthew Woodward

Most recent income report: April of 2016

Monthly income: $21,785.05

Monetization methods: Take a look at Matthew’s income report. His affiliate earning list keeps going and going and going and going and going and going… As a matter of fact, affiliate earnings make up 100% of his monthly income! Wow! He is currently affiliated with over 50 software products and websites, which makes him some kind of king of affiliate marketing, at least in my opinion. His earnings range from double to quadruple digits per item, and he makes sure to cover a wide array of products so he’s got his toe dipped in just about everything.

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How you can make money like Matthew:

  • Take a look at his most recent income report, scroll down to the ‘affiliate earnings’ section, and check out a few of the products. Make sure to keep Pat Flynn’s advice in the back of your mind at all times though: don’t commit to promoting a product that you wouldn’t use yourself. You should always be proud to say that you promote a product, because it is the trust that your audience has in you that will lead them to making the purchase. Don’t let them down!

Deby of

Income Earnings of blog earnings for Deby

Most recent income report: March of 2016

Monthly income: $4,003.63

Monetization methods: Deby doesn’t make the most money on this list. Truth be told, she makes very little when compared to someone like Pat Flynn, who rakes in over $150,000 per month. But the reason that Deby is so impressive, at least in my opinion, is because her profits have seen a steady increase over the last several months.

In January, her profits were just $2,142.02. Fast forward to February, and they increased to $2,742.09. And then, in the month of March, they almost doubled! So what gives? The majority of Deby’s income (nearly all) comes from ShareASale, an affiliate link provider. Through them, she managed to make nearly $3,000 of the $4,003 she earned in the month.

How you can make money like Deby:

  • Join ShareASale! Feel free to check out Deby’s blog post on the website, and how to make money through all forums of affiliate marketing, here.
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gdpr scrubbed 571a9c703387b1c2d8de9f56
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