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It is important to keep developing and not fall into a routine of comfort. Just some ways to take your career to the next level.

Plenty of people aren’t happy with where their career trajectory is going. Some of these people might not be great at their job while others haven’t been doing the correct things to get that next promotion.

It is important to keep developing and not fall into a routine of comfort. This is how a person stays in the same position year after year and is looked over for promotion after promotion.

Taking a career to unimagined heights isn’t impossible and a few great ways to start working on this are as follows.

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Keep Developing New Skills

Once many people get a job they tend to not acquire any new skills as they feel secure. A multi-talented and skilled person is much more valuable than someone that can only do their job and not branch out to other areas.

For example, a web developer should learn as many programming languages as possible. This reduces the chances of being laid off instead of the person who only knows certain basic languages.

Some Tips To Develop New Skills or Qualifications

  • Research jobs that are higher on the corporate ladder and find skills or qualifications to learn or complete.
  • Ask the company to cover the furthered education or certification. The worst the company can say is no but it still might intrigue a manager that the employee is taking the initiative to do this.
  • Take on a new skill to master every six months. A career is a marathon and getting burned out by taking on too much can happen if this takes over one’s life.
  • Ask management which skills would be valued the most if they were learned. This can lead to switch of job or department if this is something that the employee wants if they master the skill.

Work on Your Public Speaking

In nearly every career there will come a time to participate in some sort of presentation. This could be a pitch or simply just presenting a project that has been in the works for a while. A lack of public speaking skills can impact what managers think of an employee immensely. Not having these skills can lead to being passed up for promotions.

Nervous managers doesn’t exactly gain the confidence of employees very easily. Taking a class to help with the fear of public speaking or becoming more proficient at verbalizing certain things can be extremely beneficial. Confidence comes with practice and the way to be a confident public speaker or presenter is to practice.

There are also certain things that can impact the nerves before speaking in public. Some people use caffeine to get them pumped up before a presentation but this can have adverse effects. Excessive sweating and being jittery can lose the interest of those listening to the speech/pitch.

Certain supplements and natural remedies can actually help a person relax before speaking in public. Do not let nerves or a phobia of public speaking stunt career growth but rather, take control by perfecting public speaking.

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Actually Cash in Favors and Network

There are so many opportunities to advance one’s career via the social and professional network that they already have. Asking someone for help is important.  Job searching can be all about who a person knows in many industries. When someone says, “Let me know if I can do anything to help you” it is important to cash in on this. While some people will say this as a figure of speech, there are those who will keep their word.

How To Do This Effectively:

  • LinkedIn is important and something as simple as congratulating someone on a new position can make the world of difference. LinkedIn can be used in a job hunt or even used to close sales.
  • List out all the people who could help or owe a professional favor. There could be more than imagined as great business people always seem to have their clients owing them one.
  • Set goals for connections or people to reach out to each week. Some of the most unusual suspects can help so reaching out to personal and professional friends is important.

Keep Applying to Jobs

While it is important to be careful when searching for a job when already important, completely stopping a job search because of employment should never happen. A dream job someone is waiting for could be available during their employment so staying aware of the job market is essential. There are some companies that underpay their employees or just do not have the benefits that another company has.

While it is important to keep looking, jumping from company to company can be a negative thing if a company is looking to hire someone long term. With that being said, passing up an incredible offer should never be done because they are not handed out often in some professions.

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Taking a career to a new level is a constant job. It can take years to get the perfect job or salary. Do not stop developing as a person and a professional. This can make a person indispensable. Job security allows a professional to be confident in their decisions and can actually help them develop further. Break through that career plateau simply by trying these things.

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