They Have Questions, You Have Answers: How to Use Quora to Engage Your Target Audience / Social Media / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

If you have a question about anything, Quora is the best network to turn to. As a marketer, it provides great opportunities to be a leader.

Does Quora ring a bell? I hope it does as this might be your best bet towards entrepreneurial glory, in the upcoming year. 2016 is nearly upon as and most of the social networking platforms are working at their utmost potential.

Marketers are on the prowl for something new and with similar brands flocking the likes of Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, the onus is on the visionaries to look for a better way to engage the customer.

As per my researches, Quora is something to fall back upon in this moment of crisis!

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What Is Quora?

Quora is a diverse platform that has everything for the businesses to evolve and flourish. Considered as one of the most powerful means for reaching out to the targeted audience base, Quora is a strategic powerhouse that gets all of your queries answered.

Suppose you are a business owner and even a blogger; answering customer queries out here; getting the needed traction becomes extremely easy. The format associated with this networking platform is something that everybody takes interests in. Be it a question related to writing, entrepreneurship skills or even technology, Quora has answers for each and every doubt.

But these answers aren’t automated and are completely dependent on the person or firm offering them. So if you have a business, zero down on the genre and open an account on Quora. The targeted audience will automatically come for resources and therefore, driving traffic into the pages turns easier and more innovative.

Easier said than done, the process isn’t as simple as it sounds or else Quora would have been already flocked.

The year was 2011 when Scott Godson gauged the true potential of Quora. The Forbes Contributor didn’t consider this to be well-branded but certainly loaded with untapped potential.

Quora: U.S. Unique visitors vs Search Volume

Four years have gone by and Quora has actually grown in stature, owing to the ever-expanding customer base that is crazy about information. A virtual haven for the marketers, Quora can surely enhance the brand reputation if the answers on the selected topic are given out with accuracy and precision. This format is certainly pretty innovative even from an SEO point of view, as Quora completely eliminates the concerns of Black Hat Strategies.

‘Information is the tool out here, which is free of fraudulence, automation and cannot be maligned’.

If You Are a Salesman; Avoid Quora

Quora is powerful, only if direct marketing is avoided. If you are planning to get into this, do dissociate with selling services and products, at the first place. Quora urges us to be informative and share something unique that might help individuals with something intricate. Here the knowledge sets are as important as the ones providing them.

As an example, I would like to propose a hypothesis. If someone is looking for new ways to manage a garden and grow seeds that are inclement to the soil texture, he or she might casually visit Quora for answers that were elusive earlier.

If you are into the business of seeds, fertilizer and related products, offering fruitful information to the seeker will be of great help for the business. The only thing that needs to be avoided is direct promotions. If the reader is able to benefit from the information provided by you, he or she will try to learn more in the form of advice. Ninety-nine times out of 100, this advice can turn into serious business deals.

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The Leader Needs to Show up

Once the overall idea for sales is established, the next step has to be interactive with the target audience. The best way would be to start a Q&A forum, prepping up for debates on specific causes. Participating and imitating these rounds would help define the specialty of a firm.

This creates a Quora brand, almost automatically without putting in many efforts. Once your leadership for one forum has been established, you can call in for like-minded individuals to comment and post their ideas. If someone in the forum puts up a question, you must be ready to answer it with the best of your capabilities. The experience gathered over the years and even the technical expertise will make it stand-out, by default.

If the answers are resolving in nature; hopefully they would be, then you will get due recognition as the expertise will be proven. This way the entrepreneur can make expert contacts, gathering powerful businessmen from varied fields.

Ask Questions for Better Leverage

Yes, you heard me right! I am not asking just to answer as questioning will reap you similar rewards, if not better. Asking questions on a given topic will automatically start a discussion. This allows you to participate and answer a few queries that come along the way. The actual essence of this approach would be to offer something by first raising a request as the part of the crowd. Some people do want answers for their questions but won’t voice them unless a leader starts with the first. This brings us to the second prerequisite as asking something might still make you the leader. Asking questions builds engagement as then other minds will also be put to test, bringing out the best out of the session with the resourceful answers to work with.

How Quora answers go viral graphs

Content Development is the Key

If you really want to get the best out of Quora for engaging the target audience, then the content needs to be developed, as per the quality standards. Nobody wants to read something that has false facts, erroneous lines, and outdated information. Hence, the best option is to draft articles that are well-researched and well-written.

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Key Takeaways

Quora is a platform that gives you exposure, mostly beyond the usual limits of other networking arenas. The only way to churn the best out of Quora is to be informative and not greedy. Expectancies are pretty normal with so much of competition around but what works at Quora is patience, rather truckloads of it.


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