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Seeing is Believing: How to Use Web Videos to Improve Your Bottom Line

Business.com / Marketing Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

What are you trying to accomplish with your web videos? If you're actually trying to affect your bottom line, here's what you need to do.

When it comes down to it, most of your business expenses should help improve your company’s profitability. When you spend, it’s wise to ask yourself, “how does this move the needle?”

Years ago when I was managing Burger Kings’ worldwide video operation, the philosophy at the time was that with every expenditure, I needed to show how it would sell more hamburgers. With the majority of businesses having tight budgets today, paying for web videos should only happen when these videos have the potential to moves their needles in the right direction.

There are several types of web videos that can produce a tremendous return on your investment, as long as you use effective strategy.

In this series, I’ll discuss the types of web videos that can really be well worth the investment. I’ll also discuss some strategies to increase the effectiveness of these videos.

Additionally, once you’ve decided to move forward with having a web video produced, take a look at an article I wrote called How to Make Web Videos That Get You Results. You’ll find some tips that when followed, may increase your chances of producing profit-inducing web videos.

Seeing is Believing

The old saying “seeing is believing” has validity. According to an article titled Neuromarketing: Understanding Customer’s Subconscious Responses to Marketing, in studies using brain scans to determine customer engagement, it was determined that “perceived risk is an important factor affecting customers’ decision-making process.”. 

I believe that if you can lower that perceived risk for your potential customers, you can influence their purchasing decisions. Testimonial and demonstration videos can help lower that perception. By adding these videos to your website, you’re grabbing an opportunity with potential customers in what may be the only point in which you’ll have their attention.

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Testimonial Website Videos

According to an article in Entrepreneur magazine by Derek Gehl called How to Effectively Use Testimonials, testimonials are effective at increasing selling power because:

  • Testimonials build trust
  • Testimonials aren’t “salesy”
  • Testimonials overcome skepticism

I’ve got to agree with all of the above. In my experience, testimonials are one of the most effective sales tools you can use. You’re letting others brag about you, and sell for you. These days written web testimonials have very low trust factors, and for good reason. Many testimonials are from employees, friends, or just fabricated by the content author of a website.  Video testimonials present a real person, thereby proving that the testimonial is authentic, so seeing IS believing.

Here is a great example of how a testimonial video should be done. This video also serves as a demo video so this type of video is the kind of video that is going to help your bottom line.

Accounts of first-hand experience can be very compelling to potential customers. If you get the appropriate sound bites in the testimonials, they can help potential customers overcome doubts or objections, and can motivate them to take action.

Keep in mind that the customers or clients giving the testimonials must appear natural, sincere, unrehearsed and enthusiastic. You’ll need to get volunteers that truly believe in your products and/or services, and are willing to take the time to say so.

Be sure to work with a video production company that has experience with getting customer testimonials. They’ll need good interviewing skills, and they must be able to draw out the sound bites and enthusiasm necessary for the testimonials to be effective. All this must be done without making the customers sound rehearsed or coached. When you’re looking for a production company, ask them about their techniques for getting good testimonials, and see what they say. If they have experience, they should be able to answer that question on the spot, with reasonable sounding answers.

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Getting Customers to give Testimonials

For some products and services, you can get spontaneous testimonials on the spot from people trying your product. For others you’ll need to get existing customers to be willing, which can be difficult in this busy, high pressure world. Don’t be afraid to ask. If they’re enthusiastic enough, some of them will want to volunteer. Many people enjoy sharing their point of view for something they’re excited about.


Showing a product or service in action in a web video can really help nudge a potential buyer in the right direction. When you demonstrate, viewers can see the benefits, effectiveness, ease of use, and any special features. The perceived risk can be radically reduced this way.

Check out this demonstration video made by Airbnb to show new customers and clients how it works:

This old tried and true way of selling has always been done. Think about the door to door vacuum cleaner salesman. He’d come to a home with his vacuum, pour dirt on your clean floor, and then vacuum it up! A very effective demonstration.  With video, you can do this same type of thing on your website. What you’ll feature in your demonstration videos will depend on your product or service; however if you can demonstrate some of the following, this can be very persuasive:

  • The unique features. On your video, you’ll want to show viewers what features makes your product or service different from others. More importantly, you’ll want to share about the unique features that make your product or service BETTER than your competitors.  
  • The ease of use. When people can see just how easy something is to use, it breaks down objections. If it’s not actually easy to use, you’ll need to take another approach, which I’ll discuss in my next article.
  • The effectiveness. With a demonstration video you can show your viewers the effect your product or service could have on them. Of course you’ll want to share the tangible effects, but you’ll also want to show the intangible effects like emotions, status, etc. Viewers will relate to what they’re seeing on screen. Showing the effect your product or service will have on their lives is a fantastic way to help break down potential customers’ perceived risk, and to increase their desire for your product or service.

For example suppose you’re promoting a spa, you can show guests experiencing tranquility in that environment, and then going about their day with a smile. Suppose you’re promoting a kitchen tool. You might demonstrate how the tool saves time, improves health, and makes beautiful dishes. You can then show the food being presented to guests who show admiration and appreciation, and then display pure pleasure when they eat that food. Who wouldn’t want to be the recipient of admiration and appreciation!


These types of videos are tried and true, and have made a huge difference to my clients businesses. In my next article I’ll discuss other types of videos that can save your company money and increase profitability.

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