Jack of All Trades: How to Write Content for Very Niche Clients

Business.com / Marketing Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Some clients are much more difficult to write for than others, here is how to tackle it.

Many freelance writers find themselves in the position of having a client that is extremely niche or a bit difficult due to a lack of experience with the topic.

Some writers completely avoid this while others charge a bit more per word when creating website copy and blog content. As a freelancer, you will have to take on clients that might not be quite as interesting as others.

This does not mean it is impossible to write quality content on a consistent basis for this client, you might just need a little help.

The following are a few hacks to get that writing done for that very niche client that might not have the most interesting field.

Use the Time of Year to Your Advantage

When making a content calendar do not be afraid to use the holidays to your advantage as well as the seasons. This makes it much easier to generate content with an old premise but a new look at it. A great example would be “12 Days of SEO Christmas” and it could include quite a bit of information presented in a new interesting way.

Recap posts at the end of a season or year are quite popular with all types of readers. An example of this would be “7 Things We Learned About Social Media Marketing This Year”. Large events like the Superbowl and the World Cup should be leveraged as everyone loves content relevant to current events.

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Educate Yourself

Great freelancers leave a project with a very niche client being as close to an expert as possible in a short amount of time. Reading industry publications is important as this can help a writer use the industry terms that many people are familiar with. No blog reader wants to visit a blog that has outdated information as well.

For example, someone writing for a digital marketing blog should know about link building’s best practices rather than just regurgitating some information from 2010 as digital marketing has changed immensely since then. YouTube videos can be a lifesaver as well as processes can be easily explained for those who are visual learners. There are videos that can teach someone everything from how to change their oil to how to tie a bowtie. This resource can be great in clarifying things that you are unsure of when reading.

Take a Look at Larger Competitors’ Content Strategy

Unique content that engages readers is quite important and where better to look for this than one of your competitors. There will be some competitors that have a worse content strategy so being able to evaluate these things is important. No competitor is going to give their Google Analytics password out to see how their blog or site is converting.

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Using the comments, social engagement, and doing keyword research are the best ways to evaluate this. If you cannot compete with the content being written on the competitor’s site for one reason or another. Trying other content forms is important like video or even investigative reports. Podcasts are another way to compete with a larger company especially if you bring in some industry giants as a guest.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun

The entire company blog shouldn’t be a running joke or try to be humorous but there are situations where this is appropriate. The “Meet the Team” section usually includes some funny facts about employees to help the reader get to know the staff rather than looking at the company as a whole rather than a group of individuals.

A weekly rant section or humorous column can make it easy to build your content calendar. A weekly column can gain a following and have consistent traffic coming back week after week. Avoid political humor as this is something that can lose customers as people are passionate about politics, religion, as well as other topics you should know to avoid.

Write It for the Common Person, Not an Expert in the Field

The customer reading a blog could be there to learn a few basic things about the company or what the company specializes in. The best thing that can be done is posting to answer the questions of the readers. For example, a company specializing in garage doors isn’t going to have a blog about different remotes only.

They might have things like “Using a Garage as Flexible Space” to help give readers ideas of how to utilize their garage to the fullest. With this being said, business to business based companies will want to write to the basic knowledge of someone in the industry. Knowing the target demographic is essential to produce the type of content that engages with readers.

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Writing for difficult niche clients isn’t impossible but it will take research as well as a little creativity. Freelancers should try to work with at least one client that is out of their comfort zone. This can allow you as a writer to develop and possibly become an expert in another field and as we all know expert content is where freelancers can really earn some income.

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