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Do you ever feel like you're producing top-shelf content but no one is reading and sharing it? Here are some tips to get found and loved.

Are you getting a sinking feeling that you are getting nowhere after jumping on the content marketing bandwagon? Or do your blogging efforts sound like you singing in the shower: you feel like a rock star but no one is there to applaud your singing prowess?

Top 4 Reasons Your Content Writing Has Been a Failure

  1. You didn’t research prior to writing.
  2. You gave little or no attention to SEO, or worse, you did the kind of spammy SEO that has caused so many sites get bitten by one of the Google Zoo creatures - Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Zebra. The last one does not exist (yet), but who knows what’s next?
  3. You wrote for search engines instead of people.
  4. You spend no time promoting your content.

But worry no more, as we are sharing the steps you need to take to write viral web content.

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7 Steps for How to Write Successful Content

Step 1. Invest in SEO. Use tools like Google AdWords’ Keyword Planner and Soolve to get some quality keyword research. Note that the competition column in Google AdWords shares advertiser competition and should not be used to get found the organic (i.e. SEO) way.

Pro Tip: A great method of finding keywords, SEO competitive analysis and SEO-based keyword research is to use Long Tail Pro.

Step 2. Feed the keywords you shortlisted into tools like BuzzSumo to get an idea about what sort of topics have a history of going viral, and what formats (e.g. article, infographic, guest post, giveaway) did well.

Step 3. Make your titles more catchy, specific and captivating. Consider using OutBrain and OkDork to find interesting data that you can add in the titles. Or better yet, consider doing your own data analysis about your niche to come up with an attention-grabbing title.

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Step 4. Make sure you use the keyword you want to rank for in your article title. Use the same keyword and some variations and synonyms of it in the article’s body.

Step 5. Once you have published the article, consider writing something related to it in a guest post and link to it. Reach out to few other blogs of your niche and pitch them an idea which they love. You may want to first study what kind of content they link to by studying their outbound links via this tool.

Step 6. Always work on fostering win-win relationships with thought leaders, bloggers and influencers of your niche so that the next time you write something awesome, you can show it to them, get some feedback and, if its good, see them sharing it with their social audience without you even asking for it.

Step 7. Be the best listener you've ever met. I recommend doing so by joining a thriving digital Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter-Chat community of your niche and spend lot of time listening to what your audience and competitors are talking about. This will not only help you write better content but provide more value through your products and services.

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