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Ice carving supplies are great to have on hand when you own a business. This may sound surprising, but it's a little-known fact. ...

Ice carving supplies are great to have on hand when you own a business. This may sound surprising, but it's a little-known fact. Most businesses will have at least a few presentations, parties, or conferences to celebrate or present various pieces of news, and having decorations handy during such events allows you to focus on aspects related to your business rather than scrambling around trying to find classy, attractive decor.

Nothing makes an impact at a buffet table like a beautiful ice sculpture (although it may not be the best choice for an outdoor event in warmer climates). If you are a caterer, event planner or hotel food and beverage director, ice sculpture should be something you are prepared to offer customers at events. There are several ice carving equipment options, such as:

1. Ice sculpture mold

2. Tools for ice sculpting

3. Ice grinder

4. Ice carving machine

Purchase ice sculpture tools to create your own sculptures

Invest in some sculpting tools if you are a caterer or other event planner that frequently hires ice sculptors, or you carve ice for a living. Essential ice sculpture supplies include a very sharp chisel, a chainsaw, and possibly a die grinder, which grinds the ice down quickly. The colder the environment in which you work on the ice, the more time you will have to sculpt. If you are in a warmer climate, plan on using the chainsaw or die grinder more than the chisel, as these tools will sculpt faster.

Use an ice sculpture mold for a faster process and easy cleanup

If you are not feeling creative or have a limited amount of time, you can create your own ice sculpture without having to chisel away most of your day. One helpful piece of ice sculpture equipment is a mold, which you simply purchase, fill with water, and freeze.

Buy an ice carving machine to perfectly carve your company logo into ice

There are ice machines available today that use CNC technology, which is the same way that many sign makers recreate logos. Such an ice sculpture machine uses a computer program to perfectly copy a design or company logo onto ice. This is the most accurate way to transfer a design onto your ice sculpture.
  • If you want to really impress clients, don't forget one of the most important, unique tools for ice sculpting: food coloring. Create a sculpture with your company logo, complete with the correct colors, simply by adding a few drops of food coloring to the water before freezing it. Prefer crystal clear ice? Use distilled water instead of tap water.

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