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If you own a restaurant and would like to add freshly-made ice cream to your menu, commercial ice cream machines can help you improve ...

If you own a restaurant and would like to add freshly-made ice cream to your menu, commercial ice cream machines can help you improve your business. Owning an ice cream machine is often more cost effective than buying pre-made ice cream from vendors. Once you learn your way around an ice cream maker, you may even decide to specialize in the dessert, opening up your own ice cream shop.

If you think the addition of ice cream could improve your sales, obtaining more information about restaurant ice cream makers will make your life easier. Before purchasing one, ask yourself the following questions:

1. How big does your ice cream maker need to be?

2. Will you serve regular ice cream, or will soft serve be on the menu as well?

3. Does your budget allow for a new ice cream machine, or would a used one fit the budget better?

Find a commercial ice cream machine that takes the least amount of time possible

When checking out ice cream machines for businesses, you need to take time into consideration. As time is money to any business, the faster the ice cream can be made, the better. Comparing the time shown on the box that it takes for each machine to make the ice cream is not enough. You also need to think about structure. One difference between many machines is whether or not they have a built-in freezer component. If the machine you're interested in does not have one, you will need to use the included pre-freezing bowl. This means that you have to freeze the bowl for hours before making the ice cream, adding time to the process.

Decide how big you need your ice cream maker to be

If you plan to use the machine in your restaurant, you likely only need a machine that makes two to four quarts at a time. However, if you plan to specialize in ice cream, such as at an ice cream shop, you will need a much larger machine.

Look at ice cream machines for sale that perform more than one function

Whether you plan to serve ice cream, frozen yogurt, or other frozen treats, check out ice cream makers that can do it all. Some business owners waste money on soft serve ice cream machines and ice cream makers just because they plan to serve both. But many current models make ice cream, sherbet, mousse, and frozen yogurt, allowing you to save money by buying just one machine.
  • If you do not want to spend a fortune, you can buy a used machine. In fact, this might be the smart way to go if you are not sure if ice cream will even be a hit at your restaurant. There is no reason to spend thousands of dollars on a new machine and not even be able to break even.

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