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If I Build It, They Will Come

Ed Drozda
Ed Drozda

Business people know that it takes a lot more than a great mouse trap to ensure repeated sales but of course they also know it helps. ALOT! If you build something that people want and need and the perceived value is evident, they will come and they will buy. Therein lies the rub- if you build it they will come but first you must_ you can fill in the blanks.

The real lesson behind this myth is that we cannot enter into a business opportunity without doing a whole lot of planning and preparing. An idea that sounds too good to be true for one may be an abomination to many others. It takes a whole lot of courage, not to mention short-sightedness to assume the buyers will come no matter what we put in front of them.

Another lesson here is that it's a good thing to believe in what we are doing; particularly when our product or service is innovative. Our excitement should not override common sense but that same enthusiasm is necessary to stimulate interest and buy-in. Of course it starts with the innovator since the rest of the world is as of yet unaware that our idea even exists.

A final lesson to be gleaned is this: even a well thought out idea may not make it. It can be frustrating but it should not deter us from staying at it.

Innovation is a fickle character but can you imagine where we'd be without it? Keep building. THEY WILL COME!

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Ed Drozda
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