When Is It Time to Install A Business Phone System?

By Chris Porteous,
business.com writer
Jan 21, 2019
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Business phone systems can help you grow your team and improve customer service.

Many small businesses have been enjoying years of unprecedented expansion which has enabled them to bring on new team members, which have necessarily brought about new challenges for small business owners to grapple with. One of the most common questions besetting entrepreneurs and successful business owners right now is whether they should install a business phone system.

When is the right time to install a business phone system, and how should you go about doing it effectively in a way that doesn't break the bank? Here's everything you need to know about adopting a business phone system for your business in the 21st century.

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Recognize the signs that you need a phone system.

Business owners who are overseeing the expansion of their business can't do everything themselves, and sometimes you need to delegate. This is where a phone system steps in; you'll know it's the right time to install a business phone system when you yourself become incapable of single-handedly managing all of your business’ phone inquiries. Any entrepreneur who's made it to the big leagues understands that you eventually reach a point where if you picked up the phone every time it rang, you'd be on it constantly, oftentimes to the detriment of your business.

If you're ready to delegate so that your business can achieve more, it's time to invest in a business phone system. The question still remains, which phone system is the right one for the job?

You need a game plan for the 21st century.

If you're like most entrepreneurs, you need a game plan to keep adapting to the tumultuous nature of the 21st century, where new technological developments seem to sweep us off our feet every few days. This is why it's essential to at least consider employing smartphones for your business phone system; while this option can be incredibly costly compared to traditional business phone systems, it's vastly more efficient and can open up new worlds of productivity and communication for your company.

There are pros and cons of giving every employee a smartphone that you need to review before making a final decision. Besides considering just the cost, you should also be thinking about how you can bolster your employees' productivity by giving them the tech they don't just want, but really need to survive and thrive in this day and age.

Traditional options can still be reliable.

The fact that smartphones are so ubiquitous doesn't mean you have to bend over backward and give one to everyone, however. Traditional options can still be reliable; upgrading your phone system as your company grows is a task familiar to countless generations by now, and a few key considerations have consistently sprung up whenever entrepreneurs begin discussing a new phone system.

Besides factoring in the cost of an upgrade, expansion, or just the first establishment of your business's phone system, you should also consider how it will expedite internal communications and help your employees narrow their response time when it comes to getting back to one another. The right phone system, such as signing up for 800 number services, can produce a serious productivity boom for your company, but only if your workers know how to leverage it properly.

There are plenty of reasons to think that traditional phone systems are just so cost effective that the very idea of equipping everyone with an expensive smartphone sounds ludicrous, too. At the end of the day, it will ultimately come down to the unique situation facing your business; some entrepreneurs have more cash to throw at their problems than others, so analyzing how much you're willing to invest in any sort of business phone system should be a high priority.

Consider how it impacts your brand.

It may seem silly, but far too many entrepreneurs are refusing to consider how adding a business phone system to their operations will impact their brand. There's a certain level of professionalism associated with classic, office-style business phone systems, after all, and your business may be able to tap into that aura to bolster its brand.

Before making any final decision about a business phone system, consider the future of your company and where you want to lead it in the days to come. Having an integrated, modern business begins with having a thorough and reliable communications system, and it’s likely that embracing a business phone system is the next step for you on the route to success.

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