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How to Improve B2B Email Marketing ROI with Respect-Based Practices

Justin Thomas
Justin Thomas
Founder at JourneyEngine

Find out how to improve your email marketing efforts.

B2B marketing (business-to-business marketing) is a construct of many different marketing strategies that connect one business or organization to another, one of the most popular and effective being email exchange.

B2B email has several key components that are crucial to its success: email layout, reach of relativity, call to action, and, perhaps the most important, the building of trust and rapport.

The elements of a successful email marketing campaign

Enticing subject lines

The subject line of your B2B email is your first step in the door. Nearly 47% of email recipients open an email based solely on the subject line. A strong, catchy message is an absolute must-have.

You want your email to grab the reader's attention, and an easy way to do that is subject lines that play off the fear of missing out. For example some subject lines include: "Entry deadline fast approaching," "More bang for your buck," "Increase your ROI by 30%, Guaranteed," or an appeal to the recipient's place in the organization.

A strong, cohesive  outline and theme

Once the recipient opens the email, what greets them? Your customers and business partners are more likely to engage and respond favorably to your email if it has a strong theme that fits your company, your sales pitch and is aesthetically pleasing to the senses. Too much animation in an email or too many visuals can have the opposite effect that you may be going for. Consider complementary color schemes and easy to read font choices. Keep it clean, simple, direct and engaging.

Segmented reach for optimal relativity

B2B marketers know that segmenting their email lists can improve not only open but also click-through rates. Sending a more pointed email to a certain user can have a far-reaching advantage in your relevance. Breaking up your knowledge of your email recipients list into distinct subgroups can be extremely helpful. You can use pointed verbiage toward company positions, genders, ages or income levels. A simple way to grab new data that you may not have had before is by offering a survey or quiz via email, or your website when the user opts-in to your list.

Another invaluable way to gauge your virtual audience is by closely examining your email exchange with customers. Monitoring your back and forth with potential consumers is important when marketers have seen up to a 760% increase in revenue from segmented email campaigns.

An irresistible call to action

A call to action (CTA) is when an email or website demands an action from the audience, whether that be "sign up," "learn more, " or "join us!" A CTA will differ depending on what the company goal might be. A sign up CTA could be pitched as a "free trial," letting a customer experience a product or service for a short period before paying for it. If the goal was informational, the CTA might be asking a user to subscribe to learn more.

How do I build trust with B2B marketing?

Trust is a fundamental part of any relationship, and a business relationship is no exception. B2B marketing emails need to build trust and respect while still maintaining a professional demeanor. To accomplish these aims, your emails have to contain three key things: education, trust and engagement.

Continue the education process

When a potential customer opens your email, they likely already know a little about what they clicked on. One of the main goals is to now continue their education. Make each of your emails a small lesson that can help them learn even more and increase their chances of buying your company's products or services.

Stop to consider the problem your potential client might have, and then offer a partial solution to that problem via email. Offering to solve a problem for your customer will be intriguing; however, not offering the solution in its entirety is key. If the customer feels they have the entire need met, then it allows them to stop where they are. If you only suggest a partial solution, while alluding to the remainder, they will feel compelled to seek more information from you,

Build trust through video

Face-to-face interactions are the strongest connection point when getting to know one another, but digitally, a video is the next best thing. Adding an introduction video to welcome B2B prospects to your email sequence can have a huge impact on your potential clients. Video is a powerful bonding mechanism and can be a valuable way to earn customers' trust.

Don't worry about not having the time or budget to create a blockbuster feature for your B2B email – a short and simple video of you speaking from your office will do the trick. You want to establish human-to-human connection.

Engage prospects through memorable interactions

There are many different levels and types of engagement to consider when honing your B2B email strategies, some of which may be as easy as a touch of personalization, or a reminder, but others can be more creative.

There is an effective and semi-subtle tactic known as an open loop. An open loop is when you present your email recipient with an idea or story, something they can easily relate to, but instead of finishing your thought, you move on to something else. An example might be, "Cold weather is around the corner." If your business sells tires, for example, this one sentence alone could cause your business to stand out.

Another common engagement tool is something called a cliffhanger. This one has far-reaching popularity, mainly into storytelling. We all are guilty of binge-watching from time to time. At the end of each episode is a cliffhanger that leaves the audience wanting more. Perhaps there are several unanswered questions – we have to watch the next episode to have those questions answered. A possible cliffhanger for your B2B email could be something like, "Savings are around the corner, and you won't believe what big-ticket items we're dropping prices on."

What are the prospects and payoffs of successful B2B marketing?

The potential payoffs of properly executed B2B email marketing campaigns are countless. About 79% of B2B marketers credit email as their most effective channel of distribution demand, and B2B marketers see an average of 760% increase in revenue from customized and segmented email campaigns.

When considering today's digitally driven world, those numbers makes absolute sense. Thanks to current technology, an individual can check their email anywhere in the world, at any time of day. With timing like that on your side and respect-based B2B email practices in your pocket, you're ready for success.

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