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12 Email Marketing Tips Every Startup Should Know About

Syed Balkhi
Syed Balkhi

Discover simple changes that can improve your company's email marketing.

In today’s world, it seems that everyone is launching a startup. After all, you don’t have to have that much experience to start your own website and jump into the competitive world of e-commerce.

Which is not to say you’ll always see instant success. But startups are thriving in all industries as entrepreneurial spirits continue to take their own crack at owning and running a successful business.

If you’re an entrepreneur that has recently launched a startup business, or are a seasoned veteran continuing to grow and succeed, chances are you don’t have a lot of time on your hands. However, making an effort to invest in email marketing is one of the most important components of your overall marketing strategy.

For those that feel that time is limited, keep reading to find out some quick and efficient ways to stay on top of email marketing, without wasting precious time.

1. Take Care of Your List

So many entrepreneurs get caught up in running their business that they fail to tend to their email list. Make sure you are always collecting emails, segmenting subscribers so they get emails that mean the most to them and actually sending out regular email campaigns. Without consistent campaigns, all that hard work you put into building an email list is wasted.

2. Make Emails Mobile-Friendly

This may seem obvious, but testing your email campaigns on tiny smartphone screens only takes a second. And, after seeing how your emails look, you can either leave the emails as they are, or make improvements so those on the go can view your emails properly. 

After all, if a smartphone user can’t see your emails the right way, you won’t see a high click-through rate with your mobile audience. And since 62 percent of all email opens occur on a mobile device, it’s a good idea to make sure your emails are mobile-friendly.

3. Use ALT Tags on Email Images

Sometimes email images don’t render the right way. This is especially true on small-screened mobile devices such as tablets and phones. However, by adding an ALT tag to every image in your email campaign, you can ensure the meaning of your image comes through for subscribers, even if they can’t see the image. This lessens the frustration of not being able to see email images and may even encourage subscribers to take action.

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4. Only Include One Call to Action

You don’t want to ask your subscribers to do too much in each email you send them. This may overwhelm them and cause them to take no action at all. When you send out an email campaign, make the subject line clear, include short, concise copy, and have one call to action for subscribers to perform.

5. Always Offer an Incentive

When it comes to list building itself, nothing makes more sense than to give your potential subscribers something in return for their email address. People love the thought of getting something valuable in return for their personal information. It also excites them about what future email campaigns may bring. Try offering a free e-Book or a coupon to encourage people to sign up for your mailing list.

6. Personalize Your Campaigns

If you ask for people’s names when they subscribe to your mailing list, use them when you send out emails. Personalizing emails, even if just in the subject line, helps build a longer lasting relationship between you and your subscribers. It also helps boost open rates by 26 percent.

7. Integrate Social Media

Adding social media buttons to your email campaigns makes it easy for people to like or follow you. This also gives them more opportunities to share their favorite content, products and newsworthy stories about your brand to those they know and love.

As a result, you’ll experience spikes in site traffic as awareness of your brand spreads, an increase in email subscribers and hopefully a boost in revenue.

8. Make It Casual

There’s no denying that the tone you take in your email campaigns will have a profound effect on things like click-through rates and conversions. That’s why taking a conversationalist approach to your email content is the best way to make subscribers feel at ease when they read what you have to offer.

No one likes an overly professional or promotional email. Keep it casual and as though you’re just having a friendly conversation with each and every subscriber on your list.

9. Make Unsubscribing Easy

No one likes to lose subscribers. After all, email marketing is a lot easier, and much more effective, when you have a bigger list. But the truth is, if some of those people on your list aren’t interested in what you have to offer anymore, it’s better to just let them go.

Make unsubscribing easy for people so they don’t feel frustrated with emails they don’t want to receive. After all, only 38 percent of people surveyed feel unsubscribing from email lists is easy to do.

Better yet, avoid being flagged as a spammer because people who don’t want your stuff anymore and can’t figure out how to unsubscribe will simply throw your emails into their spam folder.

10. Check out the Competition

If you have a little bit of spare time on your hands (which who knows, you just might!), consider subscribing to your competition’s email list to see what they’re doing. Find out what they’re doing right, and what they’re lacking, and make your email campaigns twice as good for your own subscribers. This strategy will help you provide more value for your own subscribers and forge an increase in loyalty.

11. Use Emojis in the Subject Line

You may have noticed in your own inbox that some brands are using emojis to pique interest among subscribers that are likely receiving tons of emails daily. And, while this may not necessarily work for your brand, it’s good to note that Experian found that 56 percent of brands including symbols in their email subject lines experienced higher open rates.

12. Monitor the Metrics

The only way you’re really going to see whether your email campaigns are working or not is to monitor the metrics. For example, check out open rates, click through rates, and conversions to see if people are actively engaging with your email content. In addition, consider out of the box things like which day of the week or time of the day people are most likely to convert so you can cater to their preferences and see more results.

And there you have it! Twelve quick and efficient ways any entrepreneur, no matter how experienced or successful, can benefit from when it comes to email marketing.

Don’t avoid tending to your email list and hope that it’ll do the work for you. Though you may not have a lot of time on your hands because running a business is a lot of work, there’s always time to take care of the subscribers that make your business a success.

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