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How to Improve Your Email Open Rate

Thomas Griffin
at OptinMonster
Jun 06, 2019

Use these tips to get more people to read your brand's emails.

Email marketing has proven to be one of the most popular and effective ways to convert subscribers into lifelong customers. However, while it’s one thing though to send out an email, it’s a whole other challenge to get people to open and read it.

While there are a number of otheressential email metrics, the open rate is a critical one. Here are several tips for improving your odds that your message makes it in front of your subscribers. These methods are all designed to help build trust, provide value, and target the right people when creating a marketing campaign.

1. Send a welcome email.

Welcome emails statistically have the highest open rate among all campaign emails. Research shows that there is a 60% chance of a customer opening a welcome email after subscribing.

There are several reasons to consider sending a welcome message to new subscribers as a way to improve your overall open rate. First, if you send your message within 24 hours, you’re increasing the chances that the subscriber will open your email, thus encouraging them to open future emails when you send them out.

The second reason is simple: You’re going to start building trust with your audience. If your subscribers get a formal welcome letter after they sign up, you’re showing that you are committed to reaching out to them, providing value and forging a connection. Would you trust a random email from a company that didn’t even bother to introduce itself? Probably not. 


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2. Distribute content with a drip campaign.

Many businesses today have a blog on their website to share related news or advice. If you don’t have a blog, you should consider starting one to boost your email marketing efforts. Research shows that businesses that blog tend to see double the email traffic of those without blogs.

You can combine your blog content with a drip campaign to make an effective marketing campaign. Drip campaigns are an excellent way to build a connection with your audience and increase the odds that subscribers will not just open your emails but eagerly await your next message.

To create a campaign with drip content, start by looking through your blog and grouping together similar content. For instance, if you operate a pet store, you could link all of your dog care articles in one group, and your posts on rodent care in another.

Next, you can schedule this content to drip out to subscribers based on the time they joined your subscriber list. Many businesses drip their content out over weeks or even months. The result is customers get engaged in the content as it’s coming in, and more than happy to open your next email to see what kind of content you have for them.

3. Segment lead lists.

Now that you’ve split your content up into different groups, it’s time to break your subscribers and content into groups. You may be best served by paying attention to your Google Analytics as well as individual consumer behavior to segment your lead lists. The goal is to keep people with similar interests in groups with relevant content.

Let’s go back to the pet shop example. If you were segmenting your lead lists just like your content, you would want to send the dog care articles to customers who have bought dog products, viewed dog content on your website or specifically requested to see content related to dogs. It wouldn’t make much sense to send the rodent care content to those who have only shown interest in dogs. Instead, provide content that is relevant to your segments based on their behavior to improve your open rate across all marketing emails.

There are countless ways to appeal to your audience when you’re creating an email marketing campaign. If you want to improve your open rate, you need to build a strong bond with your audience by sending them a welcome email and delivering relevant content. Once you’ve built a connection, you should try to nurture your subscribers by segmenting your leads into groups and continuing to provide them with excellent service and exciting content. After mastering these techniques, you’ll have no problem increasing your email open rate.

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