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No matter the size or category of business, project management can increase the efficiency of your work and decrease wasteful spending.

Every business needs to enhance their operational efficiency. This often requires effective software to streamline several tasks for a smooth operation, as well as to enhance productivity and collaboration by establishing values through prioritization and optimizing resource management.

With proper project management, business owners and leaders can free up their time to focus on growing the business.

Unfortunately, small-to-medium sized businesses often think that project management is for the big guys, but they fail to realize that project management is a powerful tool to improve bottom line, regardless of the size and shape of the business.

Through project management, business owners can enhance employee effectiveness and efficiency through diligent and planned working. Here's how.

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How Project Management Can Help Small Business Grow

At its most basic form, project management helps you improve your performance with process. It create a framework to produce results. Most businesses lack this framework. They don’t have a proper process to get work done, leave alone doing it effectively and efficiently. Worst still, most small business owners think that since they are small, there is no need to develop a process.

This is far from the truth. Every business requires a standard process when it comes to approaching projects. Not having one in place not only results in poor performance but may also cause lost time and inconsistency in the operation. Project management, on the other hand, helps you to utilize your resources properly, ensuring an equality in terms of assigned tasks. This means no one is burdened with more than they can humanly accomplish.

Besides, it ensure your team and clients are on the same page throughout the cycle of a projects, eliminating chances of major error as all participants can see updates and status/process of a project in real-time. It helps you to think like a customer, creating a better collaborative environment both internally and externally.

The best thing about project management is perhaps that fact that it is easy to learn and implement. In fact, you can simply apply a web-based tool to automate the process without spending a fortune in on-site deployment. This is one of the factors that make modern project management tools an affordable solution for small businesses.

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Advantages of Implementing Project Management Systems

As mentioned, a collaborative project management tool impacts your bottom line in a positive direction; using these available resources will save you money long-term. The Standish Group in their CHAOS Report estimates that 20 percent of the money allocated to projects are wasted from a failed approach to project management.

Besides, research conducted by CBP indicates that companies can improve their project performance by 50 percent by improving their project management process. And this is only for the first project; they can continue the enhanced performance for each new project, as long as the company provides ongoing support along with proper project management tools.

Project management therefore can transform your business, once it gains traction. Here are a few advantages of implementing proper project management system.

1. Enhance Productivity

Project management tools are designed to improve your team’s performance. It helps them focus on key tasks that they are responsible for. Besides, you can directly control the entire process from assigning a task to check the status periodically, ensuring that it is completed with the due date.

Since everything is automated and updated in real-time, it frees your employees from unnecessary mundane tasks like creating report and invoices, which can be generated within seconds by a few clicks directly from the project dashboard. Your employees can therefore emphasize productivity and check more tasks/projects off from their to-do list.  This again helps in increased cost savings and profits.

2. Eliminates Waste

These tools are aimed to streamline daily operations which in turn allows teams to unlock new and more efficient processes to deliver a task/project, limiting the chances of errors. This also requires to eliminate and replace old inefficient procedures, eventually helping an organization in cutting waste and saving a lot of money. Waste elimination, again, results in significant profit increase.

3. Increase Collaboration

Collaboration is key to successful project delivery. By eliminating wasteful processes and freeing up management’s time, these project management tools make it easier to collaborate on major decisions. Better yet, organizational collaboration is no longer limited to internal departments. These days, most of these tools come with a collaborative board that allows both internal and external communication (such as with clients, offshore partners, stockholders, suppliers and remote employees etc.) from anywhere, anytime.

This not only saves travel costs and time but also allows all the concerning parties to share ideas, comments and documents, ensuring that everyone is on the same level of understanding in terms of the project’s scope, progress and outcome/end-result. In addition, it fosters fast and better business decisions apart from improving profitability.

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4. Faster Response Time

Your daily operations become more effective and efficient resulting in a faster response times. This further allows you to become more flexible and adaptable. With streamlined processes, you can instantly adapt production and satisfy customer requirements, without affecting your profit margin. Even a last-minute project pops up are no longer a constraint for businesses that have the right project management tools in place.

The response times are still faster as employees and processes are more agile in such organizations. With a proper project management in place, you can allocate resources to a project immediately, even if you have hundred other deadlines to meet.

5. Creates Value

The right project management tool will help you to create value both in terms of better financial performance and company culture. Your managers/team leaders emphasize generating new businesses; thus, creating new value for your company. This also means more money for the company.

Besides, it eliminates wasteful spending, which means you can now allocate your money in more profitable areas. You can better address your clients’ needs even during peak demand. The whole process of helping you earn higher revenue while lowering your costs/expenses results in enhanced profitability and better cash flow.


When it comes to managing your projects, efficiency and effectiveness should be the first thing in your mind. The right project management tools help you to achieve your goals in a cost-effective way, no matter how challenging it seems. Besides, with the kind of features and powers a project management tool brings to your business, there is hardly a goal that you can't reach. 

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