Improve Your Employee Engagement with Better Communication Technology / Managing / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

The most engaged workplaces boast 99% customer satisfaction. If your employees are not fully engaged, you need to find ways to improve...

High levels of employee engagement within your business are a necessary element of your business's overall success.

If your employees are not fully engaged, you need to re-examine your organization and find ways to improve your company culture.

One strategy for making that change is to improve how well your employees, managers, and business in general communicates. Utilizing better technology tools that emphasize transparent communication and information sharing can make that a reality. An outdated phone system is not enough to keep employees engaged and communicating -- you need to level up in order to positively impact your workers, your customers, and your bottom line.

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Effective Communication Technology

According to the Harvard Business Review, one of the most important elements of office culture is communication.  As part of your engagement strategy, technology can improve communication between employees, increase transparency within the company, and provide greater access to information within and across departments. Examples of tools that serve this function include:

  • Enterprise social networks. Considered the "Facebook for business," these networks provide greater communication within and between departments. When communication is flattened via the company's social network, employees gain a greater sense of company-wide projects and goals. They feel more like they have a stake in the company's success. They see how their actions benefit the whole. And they feel more empowered to contribute their thoughts and ideas to the discussion.

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  • File sharing tools. . You can use online file storage options to store documents and databases that your employees access on a regular basis. Using cloud file sharing makes it easy for multiple individuals to share files, edit files together, and keep multiple versions of those files organized in a comprehensive way.
  • Mobile apps. 80% of businesses have implemented, or are interested in implementing, a company- or industry-specific mobile app. These apps can fulfill a variety of functions: tracking work hours, accessing your employee portal, connecting to your CRM or sales software, or functioning as a mobile POS unit. 76% of businesses who utilize mobile devices reported increased employee responsiveness and decision making speed, and 60% reported faster issue resolution (Cisco).

Qualities of Engaged Employees

In order to improve employee engagement within your company, your company's culture and values need to align with that goal. Simply imposing a new technology tool onto your employees will not increase their level of engagement, no matter how effective the tool is.

However, when those tools are utilized as part of an overall strategy to improve trust, transparency, and decision-making, they can not only help your employees communicate better -- they can help bring about your desired outcomes.

Symptoms of high employee engagement within your company include:

  • Willingness on the part of employees to put forth extra effort.
  • Increased loyalty and employee retention.
  • Increased willingness to refer others to work with the company.
  • Greater involvement in decision-making, innovation, and operational efficiency.

According to The HOW Report, organizations with the highest levels of employee engagement reported 99% customer satisfaction, 92% employee loyalty, and 93% financially outperformed their competitors. However, only 3% of businesses worldwide have achieved this nirvana of employee engagement.

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The HOW Report also found that, "Trust, shared values, and a deep understanding of and commitment to a purpose-inspired mission are the three fundamental enablers of the self-governing behaviors that produce competitive advantage and superior business performance." The technology that you use in your business can have a profound effect on how well your company culture emphasizes these traits.

Consider implementing communication technologies in your business that help employees stay connected, share information, and freely participate in company-wide discussions. Effective communication makes your employees more efficient. It also improves your company culture by emphasizing trust, transparency, and information sharing. The result will be higher employee engagement and improved culture within your entire organization.

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