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In-house legal counsel education and training will enable an individual to become an integral part of a business. Corporations hire ...

In-house legal counsel education and training will enable an individual to become an integral part of a business. Corporations hire in-house counsel to provide myriad legal services. Education and training often encompasses a wide range of legal fields.

The first step in becoming an in-house counsel for legal affairs is to obtain a law degree and pass the bar exam. This process gives the individual a license to practice law and provide legal advice to his/her employers. Keep these things in mind when considering legal training:

1. Select the best school to obtain legal counsel education, since this is a significant part of a resume in this field.

2. Keep an eye out for in-house legal counsel apprenticeships, as some businesses will encourage individuals to move up in the business.

3. Know that most in-house legal counsel is specialized, which means individuals may wish to pursue specific areas of the law to be better qualified for a position.

Go to law school to become a corporate lawyer

Law schools provide the foundation of education to the individual who wishes to become a corporate counsel. In law school, students will learn the basics of law. During this course of education, students often select the type of legal career they wish to pursue. Those who wish to become an in-house counsel may focus on corporate law fields.
Harvard Law School. The Juris Doctor Degree program here is three years of basic and advanced classes for students to explore their legal foundations. The University of Notre Dame Law School offers the Juris Doctor Degree program and advanced courses. Students are able to focus their legal studies toward the fields they are interested in.

Sit for the bar exam to become general counsel licensed in your state

All corporate counsel must have licensing from the bar. The bar exam is a state administered exam covering various areas of legal skill. The goal of this licensing is to ensure the student has the education, skill and abilities to provide accurate legal advice. Counsel attorneys will need to pass the bar. Review and study courses are available to help prepare students for this test.

Obtain additional degrees to provide specialized internal counsel

To have listing in an in-house counsel directory, students may wish to specialize in training to provide corporate law. Master's degree programs enable students to gain this type of training.
Stanford University offers several advanced degree programs for students. This includes a Master of Laws Program and a Doctor of the Science of Law. The University of Texas at Austin offers a Master of Laws Program, which is very selective for only the best students and professionals.

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