Increasing Content Quality: Can the Computer Do It for Me? / Marketing Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Do tools really exist to help elevate your content quality while simplifying the process? You bet! Here are the solutions you need.

Businesses see the benefits of sharing quality content and frequently posting on social media channels to build brand and gain followers, but the amount of time needed to successfully manage this amount of content is leading businesses to explore ways to simplify and automate steps whenever possible.

Technology can only replace so much human involvement before the quality of content suffers.

See which technologies businesses are finding useful and when the human touch cannot be replicated.

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Writing Great Headlines

It’s the first thing a reader sees and perhaps the only part of your post they will read if the headline doesn’t grab their attention.

A great headline can attract as much as 500 percent more traffic to your post. Followers will share a post with a great headline before even reading your article.

Can technology help you produce a better headline? Try a headline optimizer from WordPress called KingSumo Headlines.

This plug-in allows you to input as many headlines that come to mind. Viewers choose their favorites and an algorithm defines the best headline.

This app can narrow down headline options, but it’s up to the user to input quality headlines.

Adapting Content to Your Readers

A post can contain quality content, but if it isn’t written to your audiences’ preferences, you risk losing them mid-article.

AtomicWriter is an editing tool that adjusts your writing to suit your readers better. This tool helps a business owner understand their followers’ reading behaviors and writing complexity preferences, and gives real-time critiques of your blog post as you create it.

This tool can help you learn more about your audience, but it is up to you, the writer, to adapt your writing style to better match your followers’ reading styles.

Incorporating Imagery

Incorporating images into to your blog post is vital to attracting readers to read your article, having the right image will increase your page views even more.

But having a budget to include images in every blog gets expensive quickly. Finding free quality images can be frustrating. Enter Stokpic, a website that provides free images to members who subscribe.

How is this possible? You can thank Ed Gregory, a professional photographer, for coming up with this concept and sharing over 12 years of his photography on Stokpic.

As the site became well-known, he realized he needed more photos, so he sponsored 12 photographers with $500 each to provide 50 photos to Stokpic every month. After a year, his site has close to a million viewers from 197 countries.

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Personalize Your Imagery

If your social media calls for more creativity (or humor) than stock photography, check out Giffiti, a popular mobile app that blends your photos with animated gifs.

Depending on your audience, this type of imagery could be the missing link between an average post and one that goes viral.

Sharing Content

In conjunction with original content, most businesses understand the power of sharing existing content. Finding and posting this content can be a time sink for any online content manager.

For a small monthly fee, Post Planner will find content that complements your blogs and help you schedule when to publish content.

Post Planner has an extensive library of articles and images to match just about any audience. Post Planner can even suggest ideas for your original blogs and status updates.

Outsourcing Content Writing

What if a business finds it doesn't have the time or expertise to write online content, even with the advantages of technology? Many companies are choosing to outsource their online content writing. There are several reasons why this could be the best decision for your company.

Save Time and Money

Outsourcing content writing eliminates the need to hire, train, and manage a full-time employee. Often, companies don't have a consistent flow of writing projects to keep a full-time employee busy.

Instead, writing needs fluctuate considerably during certain seasons or around new product initiatives. The benefit of hiring a content writing firm is that you pay them per project and have no commitments during slow periods.

Focus on Your Strengths

Even though you may be an expert in your field, it doesn’t make you an expert on writing about it. Social media content writing, just as any other profession, requires special skills and knowledge to do effectively.

Many companies prefer their employees focus on their core responsibilities and outsource content writing. This allows each party to focus on their strengths, resulting in increased quality and efficiency.

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While a program or tool cannot replace a business’ responsibilities related to online content creation and management, it can be useful for fine tuning content.

Using this technology can save you time and take your content writing up a notch.

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